My 14 Day Private Pilot Training Course


Thank you for your mail. And for want of more powerful words, “THANK YOU” for helping make a childhood dream come true. 

As I’ll be the first to admit I was anything but an ideal candidate. In addition to having mild dyslexia, I had an issue with depth perception. Both of these make regular tasks involved with flying difficult. And Eric found these on Day 1. The easiest thing for Eric to do, would be to tell me that I wasn’t destined to be a pilot and to move on. But he did not. Instead after figuring out the issues, he worked with me long and hard, sometimes as long as 15 hour days, till we were able to overcome the challenges and I became adequate. And then good. Not just good enough to pass the FAA test. But good enough to be a safe pilot.

Working with Eric was an absolute privilege. His level of motivation was unbelievable and inspirational. I’ve been through several teachers, people from whom I have learnt. And Eric finds a place at the very top. Among those whose teaching has and will continue to have an impact on my Life. And that goes beyond flying.

It was a pleasure to have worked with AFIT, you and with Eric. You’ve delivered on all of your promises, in-spite of my shortcomings.

Please feel free to use me as a reference to any potential client. That’s the very least I can do, after what you’ve have done for me. :-)

Once again, Thank You. And all the very Best. 

Warm regards,

Stephen Lobo
Wilton, Connecticut