8 Day IFR Finish-Up Training / Cessna TR182 with Garmin 530


I Passed my check ride and now it’s time to fly somewhere with bad weather for a change.

I wanted to say thanks for scheduling Todd.  It was a pleasure working with him.  I know there are proponents and critics regarding accelerated training, but honestly, this was a perfect fit for my situation and I’m a more proficient pilot for it.  Without this course, I’m quite certain I would have gone another year or more without obtaining the rating.

While I had a good bit of cross country time, I needed the hood time.  The problem was, I found it really difficult to schedule large chunks of senior CFI time with anyone locally.  I think that’s the nature of the business.  An advanced CFI needing to make a living at flight instruction really needs a book of clients.  Finding someone who can dedicate a week of time at the exclusion of all else is just not likely.

You guys really came through.  In booking the time, I felt better about having some flexibility in our start times, and Todd wasn’t distracted with other commitments.  That made a huge difference.

I also now firmly believe in your philosophy of doing everything in the air.  While a simulator does have a place, getting time in the air – even some actual, was far more valuable at this stage.  I think your program is a perfect fit for someone who has good cross country time and simply needs to build hood time and procedural skills.  The experience certainly honed my skills. 

Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference. 


Steve Auer  | Principal
Wheeling, Illinois