My intentions when I arranged my “finish up” IFR training with AFIT was to do just what it says, complete my training and obtain my instrument rating at the conclusion. I have a great local CFII but trying to coordinate our schedules resulted in a lot of interruptions in training and then having to review before continuing on. Also for me I needed my feet to the fire to finish some things such as the written exam so by setting my date with AFIT my feet were smoldering and I got with it.

Working with you Tony was very pleasant and (unlike me) you returns all phone calls and emails promptly and you and your team were very helpful in making my arrangements. It was great having My instructor, Bill E., assigned to me early on so I could establish a dialog and work with him to prepare for my training. Based on our discussions Bill decided on the number of days I would need prior to my check ride and prepared a daily lesson syllabus which I received early on along with suggested study subjects prior to his arrival.

Bill E. arrived on time and we worked everyday, all day as promised. It is a challenging schedule, but if you set the time aside and commit to the daily routine I found it was’ (for me) a great way to finish my training and prep for my orals and check ride. Bill was a consummate professional who was great to work with. Although we enjoyed casual discussions to break the work up he was always focused and committed to insure we did what was required to properly cover the material and flight time. When I met with my examiner I felt prepared and confident and my testing went great. I was instrument rated on schedule. I have Bill’s number if I need to discuss anything and that’s nice to know. I would certainly recommend Bill and AFIT to anyone looking to complete their instrument training.