Thank you for helping me realize a dream by providing a great instructor in St George, Utah. I got my PPL after only 12 days of hard work. Days starting at 8 am every morning and ending between 8 pm to midnight some days.

Eric is a “Very” talented instructor with a huge knowledge regarding mechanics, urgency procedures, pilotage,…and he holds a glider license which is always great to know when you have to deal with windy situations.

The St. George Utah area is great for flying with a very large quantity of municipal airports. Weather is diversified with dry areas, snow areas, sometimes windy periods and sunny periods. The landscape is a beauty.

You have to psychologically come prepared because it is very dense training.

The FBO where the plane is located (a Cessna 172 with a 180 Hp) was great in Cedar City. The people were very welcoming and the price was very reasonable.

Eric taught me “everything” related to basic instruments.

I also had a very interesting experience. The airplane I utilized reached its 100 hours mechanic visit. I did it with Eric (instructor and mechanics) and the mechanic of Cedar City. It took 5 hours to check all equipments and structure of the plane. I think it is a MUST to do for a new pilot since you become aware of what is happening under the cowling, behind the rudder pedals, the flaps, ailerons,…. I think that I will also take some more hours in Paris to do a 2 days training on mechanics. (I am mechanic at all and I would say that I couldn’t even put a nail on the wall or hang a frame….but when your life and your family life is in your hands, you make some efforts ;-))

I can be contacted by anyone considering your program. Thanks again…