As a recently minted private pilot, my pursuit of an instrument rating in an accelerated setting was particularly challenging. In addition to needing the requisite hood time, I lacked much of the required 50 hours of PIC cross country time. Despite the unpredictable late summer weather, Eric was somehow able to fit almost 50 hours of flight time (more than 40 of which was under the hood) into 9 short days. He creatively planned flights to hone my instrument skills, teach me to fly a new airplane, and satisfy all requirements for taking the instrument check ride on day 10. We worked the didactic portion of the training into the mornings, evenings, and between flight legs. We were even able to work in a 50-hour inspection on the airplane for a bit of hands-on learning.

As a pilot, flight instructor, and A&P, Eric’s depth of knowledge far exceeded that which I had experienced during my private pilot training. I hope to get back in touch with AFIT, and with Eric, once I am ready to pursue a commercial rating.

You have developed a complete product with this instrument course; I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about learning to fly instruments. Thank you.