14-Day Private Pilot Training Courser

AFIT paired me up with one of their top instructors (Samuel), and he was my dedicated instructor throughout the program.

I trained at Lincoln Regional Airport. The pattern at Lincoln isn’t usually too busy, and if it does get crowded, there are several airports nearby to continue training. Very little wait time for taxi and takeoff. Interactions with other aircraft in the area were generally positive, with most pilots in the area following proper entry procedures (entering on 45 vs straight in on final), making frequent radio calls, respecting the correct runway in use, and offering to make 360 turns until visual is established with other traffic before entering the pattern. For cross country flying the airspace I trained in was very easy to navigate. ATC / approach controllers are extremely friendly and helpful. Flight Following / Traffic Advisory is almost always available.

I had the opportunity to train with one of AFIT’s best instructors. He has an excellent personality, and I became a much better pilot after training with him. He is extremely good at pushing you outside of your comfort zone, and into the growth zone, while not allowing you to do anything dangerous. I had completed solo flights before coming to AFIT, but I had never done a cross country solo. I completed a pattern solo on day 3, a practice area solo on day 4, and a cross country solo on day 8, after not flying in over a year.

He went above and beyond and catered for my training to exactly what I needed to do to improve. Once I had perfected the maneuvers I needed to complete, if we had any “extra time” in the air where we just needed to build hours to meet the minimums for the check ride, Samuel took the opportunity to introduce a few additional concepts, so I wasn’t just bored. For example, on the long night cross country, Sam taught me a few basics of how to perform an instrument approach. It was above and beyond what he needed to do, and I now have some training in my back pocket for my instrument rating.

I am looking forward to coming back to AFIT to complete my instrument and commercial ratings and I will specifically request to work with Sam again.