14-Day Private Pilot Training


Flying was a dream for me from the age of 10, and that dream became a reality in just 14 days. All thanks to Tony from accelerated flight and instrument training. I would like to start off by thanking Tony who from the word “go” started to guide me through the whole process and was very patient with all the queries I put through before starting the program.  And upon receiving his advice and guidance I set off to fulfil my dreams.

As for my instructor Jason I really have no words, His unique ways of teaching and instructing, helped me get through the 14 days private pilots program. Apart from the flight training, I learned so much more from Jason, and if it was not for his added effort and persistence I don’t think I would have achieved a solo flight in 6 days and my private pilot certificate in just 14days.

It was such an honour and privilege to meet such wonderful people and fulfil my dreams through their tireless efforts and hard work. I aim to go back soon for my instrument and commercial rating and would recommend AFIT to all those who wish to take to the skies.

Kind Regards
Suleman Munaf Rashid