14-Day Private Pilot Course KLHM

I definitely picked the right accelerated PPL program for me with AFIT. My instructor, David C., was a great teacher who moved at my pace and really let me go as quick as I wanted. My examiner on my check ride commented on how good of a job David did with me. I overall felt well prepared by the time the check ride arrived thanks to the thorough prep we did. I also appreciated the flexibility in scheduling and the ability to move up the timetable if things are going well.  All 3 planes that I flew were in good condition. Tony’s hotel hookup at Lincoln’s Holiday Inn Express made daily commute times to the airport very simple and straightforward, while being next door to a grocery store and Target.

Overall the experience was overwhelmingly positive! I will definitely be coming back for my IFR training soon, and my wife can’t wait to get her PPL at AFIT!

Toan Tran-Phu