14-Day Private Pilot Training

For nearly a decade I have been trying to get my pilot license. I even tried other accelerated training courses. What I encountered was relatively new CFI’s who were just building time for their commercial licenses. While they did fine I found they were not as experienced as I wanted. 

I decided 2020 was the year for me to finally get my licenses. As I researched the options AFIT clearly stood out. Once contacted they send my multiple options and instructors. The biggest difference was the total experience of their CFIs. Tony sent me Greg’s information along with the description of “mature and friendly”. Greg had over 8000 plus hours. 

Greg turned out to be the perfect CFI for me! He was indeed mature and friendly. His style was easy going but no compromises when it came to the training and safety. He quickly got me back up to speed with flying and drilled me during ground school to make sure I was 100% ready for the oral test and check ride. 

Greg is fantastic! I can’t express enough my thanks for helping me reach this life long goal

Tom McKeone

Austin, Texas