14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

After several years of trying to obtain my Private Pilot License AFIT was able to connect me with an Instructor and location that worked with my busy schedule.

I currently live in Delaware and started training through a part 141 school just prior the pandemic. The school shut down training during this time. After the pandemic I returned only to be affected by VIP TFR’s closing my airfield almost every weekend. I reached out to Tony at AFIT back in November and the schedule and locations just wouldn’t work for me. So I tried to schedule with two other Flight Schools only to run into issues with instructor’s leaving for the airlines and canceling or trying to change dates on me. So I reached back out to Tony and he had a last minute opening that worked for me.

Tony connected me with my CFI, Oleg out of Capital City Airport in Frankfort Kentucky. The weather was less than perfect during the first few days but Oleg did a wonderful job adjusting our schedule and never missing an opportunity to get training done. Oleg did a very good job ensuring I was ready for my check ride. Towards the end of my training he could tell I was getting nervous for the checkride and did a great job of reassuring me I was ready. After I completed my checkride and returned home I realized just how good of a job Oleg did. I felt unsure of my knowledge level combined with stressors from home during the last few days. Oleg’s experience clearly showed at this point because he was able to keep me from getting overwhelmed. I can honestly say I was very well prepared thanks to Oleg’s instruction.

Thank you Tony for connecting me with Oleg and thank you Oleg for providing a great experience!

Tony Pierce

Magnolia, Delaware