14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

I really enjoyed my training with Andy. He’s extremely experienced and knowledgeable, combined with good humor and patience. When the other CFI’s have a question, he’s the one they ask. I love that he lets you try to figure things out yourself first, that way you remember it much better. Of course, he’s always ready to jump in to save the plane in case you mess up a landing, but he knows exactly when to intervene and when not to. Also, he has the humility of someone with nothing left to prove. He’s right where he wants to be, not using teaching as a stepping stone to the airlines. Overall, I learned so much and advanced very quickly. I love that style of learning, where I can focus all of my attention on just one thing. The only limitation on how much I could fly per day was my own fatigue and weather.

In the end I passed! I couldn’t have done it without Andy and AFIT.

Tony Tonev

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / Houston, Texas