8 Day Instrument Training In MY Columbia 350 / G1000


 I would like to think you for taking me in with short notice to finish up my Instrument rating.  I fly around Texas for work and all over the country with my family for leisure.  To keep myself, family and employees that travel with me safe I was in need of proper training to obtain an instrument rating. 

As you are aware I had previously had a few lessons with my local flight instructor.  Due to my busy life and work schedule it was difficult to attend one hour sessions with my local instructor and keep on task.  When I hooked up with Bill I had some hood time but had not taken my written exam.  Bill was able to mix in time to help me get the written exam as well as work on the oral portion all while flying for a few hours each day.  He was very patient and has a vast array of knowledge with the G1000 being a seasoned pilot and instructor.  We were able to get the written exam knocked out as well as prep for my check ride all in an amazing 8 days.  Having Bill’s attention all day each day made it much easier for me to concentrate and retain the mass amount of knowledge necessary to achieve the instrument rating. 

Upon completion of my check ride the examiner let me know that he was very impressed with my knowledge and flying skills and noted that I must have had an excellent instructor.  Hats off to Bill and AFIT.   I would strongly recommend and encourage any pilot to pursue their ratings using AFIT.


Travis Rilat
Forney, TX 75126