14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

Hey Tony,

The experience I had the last two weeks while working towards my Private Pilot’s License has been incredible. The hotel worked extremely well, its location was ideal. Ruben took great care of me and made me feel extremely comfortable along the whole journey. You can really tell that Ruben has been instructing for a very long time. The procedures were taught in a very easy to understand way. If there was ever anything I wanted to work on more we hammered it out until I was a master at it. We got along very well and I enjoyed our time together. I felt safe and well taken care of the whole time. The Lincoln location was great from the friendly office staff and the benefit of having a group of friendly mechanics on site. A few mechanic needs came up along the way and they were taken care of immediately. One Mechanic came in after hours to change a tire for us so that we could complete our night flight. From start to finish everything was a well-oiled machine and a great process.

I would recommend AFIT and more specifically Ruben to anyone that wants to further their aviation knowledge.


Trevor Comes

San Francisco, California