14 Day Private Pilot Training

Thank you Tony! It was a great experience.

Where to begin? Working with Gil was a whirlwind of an experience! I talked with him a few times on the phone before I met him to start the 14 day Private Pilot Course and once it began, there was never a chance to look back! We started flying on day one and kept it up. Every day was learning something new to prepare me for the FAA check ride. After learning the different flight maneuvers, takeoffs, and landings it was a matter of honing these new skills for the check ride. By the time the check ride came around, Gil had me well prepared for both the oral portion and practical portion of the exam. I passed both on my first attempt and am proud to say I am a certified private pilot. 

This would not have been possible without the help of Tony and Gil at AFIT. Communicating with Tony was a breeze, as he was very prompt with his emails and phone calls. Gil is a fantastic instructor. He knows the minute details of flying and what the FAA is looking for from student pilots and how to bring that about from whomever he is instructing.

I look forward to becoming a better pilot and visiting AFIT again to earn my instrument rating one day soon.

Thanks, Gil and Tony!

Trevor Dalbey