My Private Pilot Training

“I can’t say enough positive things about my training experiences with AFIT and my CFI, Todd. I was incredibly fortunate to start AFIT training the summer I turned 16 and with Todd’s expertise and instruction – I solo’d a Cessna 172 before I even had my driver’s license. I returned to intensive training a year later – after turning 17 (per FAA regulation) – to refresh and prepare for my FAA oral exam and check-ride. Todd (my CFI) was amazing – in my corner every step of the way; truly a world class instructor, coach and mentor. With and because of Todd’s wisdom and expert instruction, coupled with Tony and AFIT’s unfailing support, I now hold a FAA PPL! Most of all, I’m excited about continuing to learn and grow my skill set and ratings as a pilot with AFIT.”

Todd is and was truly awesome and I will forever be in his and your debt for all of the support.

Thank you for everything!