IFR Finish-Up course

After it took nearly a year to get my pilot’s license, I was looking for ways to compress the instrument training so that I could pursue my core mission – being able to fly family throughout the West coast. The AFIT team was able to schedule 8 days with me during a 2 month break that I had planned away from work. We were able to work through all of the requirements and get into training for the check ride. The AFITservice works hard to get an examiner scheduled for the last day and this is really essential with some examiners being delayed nearly 6 months. The training was done old school – a plane with two VORs, no DME, no GPS, no auto-pilot and this was great as it forces all of the core skills needed for being an instrument pilot. The transition to GPS and G1000 was simple since most of my private was done with those systems. Andy was attentive to the deficiencies that were in my training and tailored the curriculum to those needs. It’s now onto buying my own plane and getting endorsed for mountain flying and high performance!

Thanks AFIT
Tyler Jewell