As you know, I began my studies abroad ( Panama City, Panama) and on top of that my training had been interrupted many times as life just kept getting in the way. I then moved to Seattle, WA where I enrolled in a flight school where as time passed and the awful weather due to icing conditions did not allow continuous flying which just made me feel that I was not ever going to get my rating.

I had set out to complete my Instrument rating by the end of June as I had already been trying to complete it for over 15 months and I heard about AFIT. IMMEDIATELY after talking with you and explaining my whole background and situation I felt I was in the right hands to finish my IFR training. You assigned Cholena for my flight instructor, who is an amazing, experienced Gold Seal instructor to whom I am very grateful.

My goal is to become an airline pilot and I needed the best training I could find, as soon as I explained my concerns and my goals, Cholena understood perfectly. I was also impressed with the confidence and professionalism everyone at AFIT showed during my training as I told Cholena I would be a challenge to train due to the many “missing links” in my base knowledge. AFIT did exactly what you told me and was very up front with all dealings.

In less than one week training, I got my Instrument Rating and even flew more than I had flown in 15 months elsewhere. When I completed the program I not only got my rating, but feel I am a very safe and competent pilot.

This letter falls short of everything Cholena did to prepare me and help me accomplish my goal.

Thank you Tony and Cholena!