6 Day Commercial Training Course

Rick is the finest instructor I’ve had the pleasure to learning from. He constantly made himself available for discussions and explanations even on breaks, going out of his way to answer my questions. He gave me a rigorous course load of both ground and flight lessons, telling me everything I should read up on before our next lesson that I missed in the theory ,  communicating effectively and concisely. In the cockpit, he is precise on what output he wants from me and taking control when necessary to show me new maneuvers and allowing the student to maximize their flight feel on how the maneuvers ought need to be .

I was consistently able to make small corrections on landings and takeoffs when necessary due to the minute corrections Rick  was able to see and  explaining what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. After that, I consistently had good or excellent landings. He prepared me for my check ride and I passed , thanks to his tremendous hard work. Not only is he excellent at flying, he is truly passionate about teaching and has the patience and skill to work with everyone.

Thank you for everything.