14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

First off, I want to thank Tony for making my training happen. Your attention and willingness to adapt will not be forgotten.

Now on to Ruben, first off, I know you were supposed have a week off and instead you stepped up to fit me into your schedule. I am learning that in aviation and in life we have to adapt and overcome and that was my first lesson of the journey. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that reason was that Ruben was supposed to be my instructor and it couldn’t have been better! For the 10 days we were together it was an intense and deeply satisfying experience, he always pushed me to do my best and brought a sense of calm, insight and knowledge to each situation I was faced with. There was never a time during the duration of the training that I felt that I couldn’t achieve what he was asking.

My time with AFIT and Ruben was one for the the memory bank and I feel that I have gained a friend in Ruben as a result. Again, I want to thank you both for helping me to achieve a lifelong goal to become a private pilot. I will be back soon for my instrument training. Until then, I’ll be talking to you on the CTAF!

Thank you,

Will Drone

Forest Hills, California