7 Day PPL Finish-Up Course


John was excellent.  Tuned me up fast and had me ready in no time for the check ride.  Very pleasant to be around and very knowledgeable. Check ride was really no big deal and went really well. Plane was nice and the location was beautiful and learned a lot about flying in the mountains.  I will certainly use AFIT and John for my instrument ticket soon. 

I think you have a great operation that I would highly recommend to anyone.  Exclusive access to a plane is a big attraction — and I think most (AFIT students in particular) are willing, to pay for that.  That is really the second thing of 2 required to make it work — access to an excellent CFI and access to the plane.

Tony, thank you for your help with my private pilot training and setting me up to ace the Check ride.  John really was fantastic and I look forward to working with both of you in the future with my continued flying and learning.

Thank you