Review of Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training PPL Course

I had initially enrolled in another flight school where, after 40 hours of training, I still hadn’t been given the opportunity to solo. Feeling disheartened, I decided to switch to my current flight school. To my surprise, the instructors here are dedicated professionals with nearly 1,000’s of hours of experience.

In contrast to my previous experience, where instructors merely shouted instructions like “align with the runway centerline,” the instructors at this school provide precise guidance, emphasizing details such as the runway centerline and the relative position of the engine before takeoff. This clarity made a significant difference in my understanding.

Moreover, the instructors here are not overly cautious for the sake of their reputation; instead, they focus on getting students within their set goals to participate in check rides as efficiently as possible. I joined this school, and after just 4 hours of flight training with them, I was cleared for solo flight. Following that, I had only flown one cross-country with an instructor before being approved for solo cross-country flights.

What impressed me the most with AFIT was their clear communication about the upcoming training schedule. They laid out a plan, informing me about what to expect tomorrow, the day after, and what exercises and training would be necessary each day for the next 5 days leading up to the check ride. This level of organization and communication is truly fantastic!

Now I’m already a private pilot! Thanks for AFIT