I would like to thank John my instructor, not only for helping me get my Private pilot’s license in 40 hours but for becoming a great friend. He is a “Great Instructor” and a great person to be around which made my training not feel like a school but just another day with a friend who has great knowledge in aviation.
I don’t know of anywhere else that someone can learn in that short of time and feel as confident and as proficient as I do with the instruction. After completing my check ride, I flew my own plane home on a 3 hour flight with confidence and ease. I am grateful that I was able to have such a knowledgeable instructor that I rate as second to none.

Thank you AFIT and John for everything that you have done for me, I will recommend my experience to anyone interested in aviation.

I look forward to continuing my training into IFR with AFIT and John in the future.