14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

Hi Tony and team, 

First, thanks so much to everyone. I am very happy I was able to get my private pilot this quickly. 

It is definitely important to remember that this is an intensive program.  I am very glad I came prepared and had already studied a lot.

Knowing this is important because I think the program fits well with Oleg’s teaching style.  Specifically the ” these are the things you did wrong, here is how to do them correctly. In my opinion the program requires you to learn fast, this style worked very well for me. I could see it being a frustrating style if you have a large ego or zero self confidence but honestly I am not sure those people should be trying to learn everything in 2 weeks.  Might just be a personal preference but I would rather have sharp corrections early and learn quickly than gentle corrections over time.

I will definitely be recommending this style of learning to anyone who is serious about aviation. It isn’t easy and you have to work  hard but I am convinced that focused high intensity is the best way to learn.

Thanks again,

Zach Williams

Tempe, Arizona