14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

As someone who has recently soared through the challenging yet exhilarating journey of becoming a licensed pilot, I find myself compelled to share my experience with AFIT (Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training) and, more specifically, the unparalleled guidance I received from my instructor, Jorge.

Embarking on the path to obtain my Private Pilot License (PPL) with a demanding professional life was a decision fraught with apprehension. However, AFIT’s program, designed for individuals like me, who are on a tight schedule but possess a burning desire to conquer the skies, was a perfect fit. It was here, under the wing of Jorge, where my dream transformed into a tangible reality.

From the outset, Jorge’s approach to instruction was nothing short of exceptional. His teaching method was a blend of rigorous professionalism and patient guidance, making complex concepts accessible and manageable. Jorge’s deep understanding of aviation was evident in every lesson, where he balanced theoretical knowledge with practical skills seamlessly. His attention to detail ensured that no aspect of flight training was left uncovered, from pre-flight checks to advanced navigation.

What set Jorge apart was his ability to tailor his teaching to my individual learning pace and style. He recognized when to push harder and when to step back, allowing me to discover and learn from my mistakes. This personalized approach not only accelerated my learning but also built my confidence as an aspiring pilot.

Jorge’s dedication extended beyond the cockpit. He was always available to answer questions, clarify doubts, or provide moral support. His commitment to my success was unwavering, and his enthusiasm for flying was contagious, making each session both educational and enjoyable.

The curriculum at AFIT is meticulously designed to maximize learning in a condensed timeframe. This efficiency was crucial for me, balancing a full-time job with the rigorous demands of flight training. The flexibility of the program allowed me to integrate training into my busy schedule without compromising on the quality of instruction.

Thanks to Jorge and AFIT, I passed my PPL with flying colors. The sense of accomplishment is overwhelming, and the skills I’ve acquired are invaluable. The journey was demanding, but the reward of piloting an aircraft independently, with the world below and endless skies ahead, is indescribable.

For busy professionals like myself, who dream of taking to the skies but are constrained by time, AFIT is an ideal choice. Jorge, in particular, is a remarkable instructor whose expertise, patience, and passion for aviation will not only prepare you for the PPL but will also instill a deep respect and love for flying.

In conclusion, my experience at AFIT, guided by my instructor has been nothing short of life-changing. I wholeheartedly recommend AFIT to anyone seeking high-quality, efficient pilot training. The journey might be challenging, but with AFIT and instructors like Jorge, it is undoubtedly achievable and immensely rewarding.

Zhang Yitao   (Jason)