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Adam Rogers
Ruidoso, New Mexico

14-Day Private Pilot Training In MY Cessna T182T / G1000

I signed up with A.F.I.T. for my flight training while I was finishing up my ground school. Tony with A.F.I.T. was very helpful, always answered the phone, and spent time answering questions and entertaining curiosities. Tony also helped me purchase an aircraft through advice he was giving me.  He signed me up with Greg at their Lincoln California facility. Greg was amazing from the start at being very easy to get along with and helping me to start learning immediately. I have had two other CFI’s and neither of them compared to how well Greg was able to get me learning and learning fast from the start. Greg teaching style with this type of school is very well dialed in.  There were a lot of hard days with so much I was learning my brain was about to explode, LOL.  But what’s amazing, is his confidence through the whole thing kept me pushing and trusting and by checkride day I had no doubt, when halfway through this thing I thought there was no way.

I absolutely and highly recommend using A.F.I.T. and if you can Greg as your Instructor choice you’ll have no problems earning your Private Pilot License!    

It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Thanks Guys.

Adam Rogers

Christy Sorensen
Los Angeles, California

My Private Pilot Finish-Up Training

I came to AFIT with a healthy dose of transatlantic jetlag, a strict time schedule, and Tony made a miracle possible- he immediately matched me with an instructor who could help me achieve my goal. 

Once you get to know a bit more about John you quickly learn that he is in the business of “wow”ing you. It’s evident in the stories he may share about his success in every realm of life- he’s a man of passion and commitment toward his many talents. You too will develop admiration for his willingness and commitment to share his time and teaching skill with others.  He demands your best effort, he has infectious optimism- more than enough to trump a stubborn realist who arrived with an acute fear of crosswind landings. There were moments of doubt, but John kept me focused on the end state. He had enough belief in me for the both of us, and before long I was able to overcome my fear to enjoy flying again. John showed me that I have the capability to do more than tiptoe around complex airspace – because now I have successfully accomplished it solo and have earned my Private Pilot License.

I am convinced that I could not have completed this elsewhere. I am so grateful to John and to the AFIT team and highly recommend their training services.

Christy Sorensen

Michel Naquet
San Mateo, California

IFR Finish-Up Training

I live in the SF Bay Area, and I was struggling to schedule time with both instructors and a DPE to finish my IFR training and take the check ride.   As I researched different alternatives, the solution proposed by AFIT seemed the most appropriate: spend a few days in Lincoln, CA with a CFI and take the check ride at the end.  My instructor, Andy, was very pleasant, extremely knowledgeable, and spot on the small details that helped me pass the test.

This has been a very good experience.

Thanks and best regards
Michel Naquet

Tyler Jewell
San Francisco, California

IFR Finish-Up course

After it took nearly a year to get my pilot’s license, I was looking for ways to compress the instrument training so that I could pursue my core mission – being able to fly family throughout the West coast. The AFIT team was able to schedule 8 days with me during a 2 month break that I had planned away from work. We were able to work through all of the requirements and get into training for the check ride. The AFITservice works hard to get an examiner scheduled for the last day and this is really essential with some examiners being delayed nearly 6 months. The training was done old school – a plane with two VORs, no DME, no GPS, no auto-pilot and this was great as it forces all of the core skills needed for being an instrument pilot. The transition to GPS and G1000 was simple since most of my private was done with those systems. Andy was attentive to the deficiencies that were in my training and tailored the curriculum to those needs. It’s now onto buying my own plane and getting endorsed for mountain flying and high performance!

Thanks AFIT
Tyler Jewell

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