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Suleman Munaf Rashid 
Limbe, Malawi

14-Day Private Pilot Training


Flying was a dream for me from the age of 10, and that dream became a reality in just 14 days. All thanks to Tony from accelerated flight and instrument training. I would like to start off by thanking Tony who from the word “go” started to guide me through the whole process and was very patient with all the queries I put through before starting the program.  And upon receiving his advice and guidance I set off to fulfil my dreams.

As for my instructor Jason I really have no words, His unique ways of teaching and instructing, helped me get through the 14 days private pilots program. Apart from the flight training, I learned so much more from Jason, and if it was not for his added effort and persistence I don’t think I would have achieved a solo flight in 6 days and my private pilot certificate in just 14days.

It was such an honour and privilege to meet such wonderful people and fulfil my dreams through their tireless efforts and hard work. I aim to go back soon for my instrument and commercial rating and would recommend AFIT to all those who wish to take to the skies.

Kind Regards
Suleman Munaf Rashid

Walter Mulflur
Colleyville, Texas

14-Day Private Pilot Course


Thank you for all your help with getting everything lined up, helping me to be informed, following up with me, and staging me for a perfect transition into flight instruction. It was stellar how on top of everything you are and how quickly you helped me to get this accomplished. Even during a month-long Government shutdown, you helped me stick to a timeline for success. The AFIT program has the right processes with the perfect people to help you achieve your goals.

John is a truly brilliant instructor and even better friend. It cannot be said enough how you helped me reach a level of proficiency as a pilot despite having international exterior challenges which delayed my original timeline. Life happens, and you lead the way for me to remain focused and adherent to the utmost level of professionalism to become part of the aviation community. Your approach of calm composure while giving insightful and witty instruction is a voice inside my head that I hope to never lose. Thank you.

Walter Mulflur

Ben Wu
Millbrae, California

10-Day PPL Finish-Up Course

Hi Tony,

I just want to thank my instructor Ruben and AFIT for helping me get my private pilot certificate!

I have never thought I would accomplish this with 10 days. Although I have been flying in the Bay Area for the last one year, I have not yet solved. Within 2 days of flying with Ruben, I was not only able to solo but also be confident in my ability to control the aircraft. Before coming to training in Lincoln, I was worried about the weather because it was forecasted to rain. However, Ruben made the learning experience very smooth and taught me how to fly safely in weathers. During these 10 days, I spent 40 hours in the plane and also plenty of time studying the knowledge.

By the end of the training, Ruben has found me a DPE in Chico which is very hard to do because of DPE shortage in Norcal. Ruben has prepared me a lot for this check ride and everything went pretty smoothly. The weather on the day of check ride was not perfect but with the experience, I freshly gained from flying in those situations, I never get nervous or feel stressed. I would highly recommend Ruben and AFIT.

Best regards,
Ben Wu

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