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Jennifer Minor
Denver, Colarado

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

These two weeks were the most intense weeks of training I’ve ever experienced. It was fantastic working with Ben. He made it happen getting it done in two weeks. From no experience to Private Pilot. It’s been an amazing journey with AFIT.

I would definitely recommend it to anybody.

Jennifer Minor

Denver, Colorado

Karen Adams

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

Ben was a great instructor. I am a reluctant pilot and he was very calm and patient in making sure I was ready for the flying I had to do. He is confident in his instruction and managed to make the learning process as enjoyable as possible for me. Ben is a great fit for anyone who wants to understand the why and the conceptual parts of flying since that does make you a better pilot in the end than just knowing the how for the specific maneuvers being taught, And, at the end of the two weeks to my great surprise (though not to his, according him) I passed!

Thank you AFIT and Ben

Karen Adams

Delta Junction, Alaska

Ben Roeth

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

I am very excited to have gotten my Private Pilot in such a short time with this accelerated program and with Todd’s help. It was a challenging couple of weeks, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Rexburg seemed like a perfect airport to train at and has some great cross-country flights around it. Todd was patient and easy to get along with, and I enjoyed being taught by him. He is an excellent instructor! I look forward to getting my other ratings and licenses through this program and, hopefully, with Todd.

I highly recommend AFIT. Thank you for your help and for fitting me into the schedule!

Ben Roeth

College Station, TX / Rexburg, Idaho

Tony Pierce
Magnolia, Delaware

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

After several years of trying to obtain my Private Pilot License AFIT was able to connect me with an Instructor and location that worked with my busy schedule.

I currently live in Delaware and started training through a part 141 school just prior the pandemic. The school shut down training during this time. After the pandemic I returned only to be affected by VIP TFR’s closing my airfield almost every weekend. I reached out to Tony at AFIT back in November and the schedule and locations just wouldn’t work for me. So I tried to schedule with two other Flight Schools only to run into issues with instructor’s leaving for the airlines and canceling or trying to change dates on me. So I reached back out to Tony and he had a last minute opening that worked for me.

Tony connected me with my CFI, Oleg out of Capital City Airport in Frankfort Kentucky. The weather was less than perfect during the first few days but Oleg did a wonderful job adjusting our schedule and never missing an opportunity to get training done. Oleg did a very good job ensuring I was ready for my check ride. Towards the end of my training he could tell I was getting nervous for the checkride and did a great job of reassuring me I was ready. After I completed my checkride and returned home I realized just how good of a job Oleg did. I felt unsure of my knowledge level combined with stressors from home during the last few days. Oleg’s experience clearly showed at this point because he was able to keep me from getting overwhelmed. I can honestly say I was very well prepared thanks to Oleg’s instruction.

Thank you Tony for connecting me with Oleg and thank you Oleg for providing a great experience!

Tony Pierce

Magnolia, Delaware

Shay Wail
San Diego, California

My 10-Day PPL Finish-Up Course

Hi Tony,

I would like to share here my experience flying with Oleg at KFFT. “Simply the best!”

To begin with I would like to share that I came to Frankfort KY from California with a clear mission, to get my Private Pilot certification and with the great support and professional training that Oleg provided to me I was able to return back to California after 10 days as a certified pilot! however there is much more to that story.

My efforts to become a private pilot started 1 year back. I can say that I had experiences with a few CFIs. I was very patient and I trusted them to do the best to get me certified but I found out that I was wrong! With Oleg everything was simple and straightforward. Right when I came in he reviewed my experiences and got straight to work. On the 1st day he helped me to correct simple landing mistakes and I felt much better! On the 2nd day I was already soloing and on the 3rd day I completed my 1st XC SOLO. Then it took 1 night to finish my night flight minimums and with that I completed all the minimum requirements for the checkride. From that point it was mostly about improving my maneuvers and focusing on theory. Besides that I have to say that Oleg is a very easy going and very funny guy so it was absolutely a great pleasure to spend time near him.

So to summarize my experiences I would highly recommend any student pilot that takes flights here and there in between other tasks to change strategy! Say goodbye to the world, get on a plane to Kentucky, spend about two weeks with Oleg and I can guarantee that he will make you an excellent pilot!

I highly recommend him.

Shay Wail

San Diego, California

Sandor Nagy
Monterey, California

My 10-Day IFR Training Course

Dear Tony,

I had the significant pleasure of being a student of Mike’s for my Instrument Rating training in your 10-day IFR Course. I successfully passed my check ride upon completion of the training.

Mike is a world-class professional, an outstanding teacher of the highest caliber, and a delightful person. Mike’s teaching style makes the 10-day IFR course a rigorous, challenging, fun, and highly rewarding experience.

I admire Mike’s focus on creating safe, effective, and skilled pilots. Mike is patient, thoughtful, and strives to deliver a holistic training environment covering all areas that are critical to the Instrument Rating.

I wholeheartedly endorse Mike as an instructor for anyone that loves flying and wants to elevate their skills. Mike is the best!


Sandor Nagy

Monterey, California

David Segel

10-Day IFR Training

Well, AFIT delivered as promised and then some. It took a long time for me to figure out how to
maneuver through the instrument rating prep and requirements. But then I found your team and all became clear. Ruben is a terrific instructor with the right skills needed to fully prepare me for my Instrument Check Ride.

Thanks again for all that you do. I will be calling you soon when I start prepping for my commercial rating.

David Segel Alpine, Wyoming

Jonah Lefkoff
Boulder, Colorado

10-Day Instrument Training Course

Ben was a fantastic instructor. He clearly understood my needs and was able to get me in the plane and flying approaches on the first day! His commitment to my learning was unparalleled. Ben was able to reduce the daunting task-saturation of instrument flying to a well-coordinated flow I was able to pick up on quickly. As a testament to his teaching, we did my long cross country on the fourth day. After forty hours in the air with him, I can confidently recommend him as a great instructor for anyone looking to learn

Thank you.

Rachel Spates
Weston, Massachusetts

14-Day Private Pilot Training

I am so glad that I enrolled in the 14 day private pilot training program. 

A program like this is intense, and you have to be prepared going into it. I’m glad I took the time to really focus on ground school and the written exam before I came out to California. I think that it made a huge difference and allowed us to be very efficient with our time. 

Training in Van Nuys was challenging, but ultimately a positive experience, in spite of some less than ideal weather conditions that we had to contend with. Having access to the same plane and your own dedicated instructor each day really is a game changer. 

Ciprian was a tough but fair instructor, who pushed me to do my best each and every time we flew together. I felt as though we were a real team and that he was actively rooting for my success the entire time. And in the classroom, he is very good at breaking down complex concepts.

I’m proud to have achieved this accomplishment and am grateful for my experience training in Van Nuys!

Thank you.

Ian McManamay
Seattle Washington

14-Day Private Pilot Training

I had a great experience with AFIT’s Accelerated PPL program. The two-week course catered well to my busy schedule and my instructor Todd did an amazing job. Although as expected it is a busy two weeks. I would definitely recommend it for anyone pursuing their private Pilot License.


Brad Wolthuis
Rexburg, Idaho

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training

Todd was an amazing instructor! Really helped me feel confident in my abilities. This program definitely takes up all of your time and pushes you hard but being completely immersed in flying and study helped me to retain more information and skill. I took my first solo on day 5 and from there just kept building up my own confidence. Now I’m on to my other certifications

Thanks for everything.

Rob Woelfel
Minden, Nevada

14-Day Private Pilot Training Program


It is a great pleasure to recommend Sam as a CFI and AFIT as a training provider..  I had the pleasure of taking intensive flight training from Sam. As a busy professional, I have tried in the past to maintain a steady regimen of training in order to get my pilots license and failed. I decided that I was going to try an accelerated program, and Sam was my instructor. I blocked off two entire weeks plus sufficient time in advance to take and pass the written test, in a few days, Sam had me soloing and a few days after that I was growing more and more comfortable flying a Cessna 172. At the end of the two weeks I was able to obtain my single engine land, private pilot’s license!

After obtaining my private pilot’s license, I came home and immediately joined the local flying club. Since joining the flying club, I have successfully checked out in the Cessna 150, 172 and the Piper Cherokees. I’m working on obtaining a Taildragger endorsement currently. 

To anyone seeking to obtain their private pilot’s license I would highly recommend Sam and I would highly recommend the AFIT intensive training program.

Jason Curtis
Little Rock, Arkansas

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

I am so glad I chose AFIT and instructor Todd to get my Private Pilot course. I learned everything I needed to be a competent pilot, get my certificate and start my life-long dream of being a pilot. It was a busy 14 days of instruction but by the end I had developed all the needed skills to be a proficient pilot. Todd and his many years of flying and instruction were invaluable. Something I would not have probably received had I gone with a local instructor. He knew the right way to share his knowledge and ensure I improved every day. 

I will always be grateful for AFIT and Todd for getting me started and I truly believe this was the best way for me to start flying! I recommend them to anyone who wants to get in the air as efficiently as possible.

Jason Curtis

Little Rock, Arkansas

Rosie Pongracz and Anthony Stevens

Our 10 Day IFR Training Course


Hi Tony,

We wanted to follow up and commend your team on our exceptional experience with AFIT.   Mike is a great instructor all around. He took our flying to the next level with focus, guidance, and expertise. My husband and I chose to do our 10 day intensive together which meant long days of flying and lots of patience from Mike. He helped us improve our skills and knowledge in so many ways in a short time.

Most importantly, Mike has such broad and deep experience of planes, avionics, aviation, and real-life piloting. He brought a thorough understanding of our Cirrus SR20 G3 plus Avidyne avionics. It made a huge difference for us to learn not only IFR flying but also our plane.

Thank you,


Rosie Pongracz and Anthony Stevens

Healdsburg, California

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