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Isaias Zapata
Teotihuacan, Mexico

10-Day Instrument Training Cirrus SR-22


I had a lot of fun training with John, he is a great instructor and very nice to work with.

Would definitely train again with AFIT.

Andre Maldonado

14-Day PPL Thanks what a great experience

Thank you for your help in making my dream of becoming a private pilot come through.

I want to specially thank you for recommending Tom for the job.

Tom is a great pilot, a great instructor, and a great person. He guided me through this very intense program with a well-crafted combination of patience, strictness, and personal support that got me through in just
14 days!

What else would you ask for?

Un abrazo

Jan Ralph
London and Singapore

14-Day Private Pilot Training

Massive thanks to John my CFI and Tony for arranging training in the U.S to pass my 2 week accelerated PPL Course.  Although challenging the training was great and had an amazing time flying all over Southern California.
Would recommend the AFIT accelerated course to anyone who has a lifelong goal to be one of the few with a PPL.  I look forward to coming back next year to add an instrument rating to my licence.

Many thanks again John and Tony

Jan Ralph

Tam Anh Doerp
Berlin, Germany

My 14-Day Private Pilot Course

My experience at AFIT was an unforgettable one. Working with John has been such an honor; he was very helpful in every way even when I had some doubts when things got overwhelming. I learned a lot in such a short amount of time, and I would have never imagined that I would be able to do my first solo after one week and my first cross-country solo shortly after. This is the biggest milestone in my life and many more to come as I will continue flying in the future. I always knew that I wanted to be a pilot and it became surreal after my first solo. I had a lot of encouragement from John. This absolutely motivated me to keep pursuing my dream. I had an incredible time working with and learning from John. I am very looking forward to coming back and do some more flying with John.


Leonardo Zapparoli
Milan, Italy / New York, New York

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training

Dear Tony

When I was first told that it was possible to go from zero to a Private Pilot in just 14 days, I was flabbergasted. But after I received my training from John, I realized it was possible.

My experience of AFIT was phenomenal. The quality of your instruction, your  dedication to me, and the efficiency of the whole program was excellent. For those who are willing to spend two concentrated weeks focusing only on flying, I believe that AFIT is by far the best route to take.

The consistently beautiful weather in California, together with the convenience of the airport, and the quality of instruction make the amount of learning possible in those two weeks endless. My instruction from John was top-notch. I made a good friend, and learning from such a great pilot who was genuinely involved in my progress was a fantastic experience.

My overall experience with AFIT was outstanding. Thank you John for your dedication and sincerity. I look forward to being back for my instrument rating.

Best Regards,
Leonardo Zapparoli

Suleman Munaf Rashid 
Limbe, Malawi

14-Day Private Pilot Training


Flying was a dream for me from the age of 10, and that dream became a reality in just 14 days. All thanks to Tony from accelerated flight and instrument training. I would like to start off by thanking Tony who from the word “go” started to guide me through the whole process and was very patient with all the queries I put through before starting the program.  And upon receiving his advice and guidance I set off to fulfil my dreams.

As for my instructor Jason I really have no words, His unique ways of teaching and instructing, helped me get through the 14 days private pilots program. Apart from the flight training, I learned so much more from Jason, and if it was not for his added effort and persistence I don’t think I would have achieved a solo flight in 6 days and my private pilot certificate in just 14days.

It was such an honour and privilege to meet such wonderful people and fulfil my dreams through their tireless efforts and hard work. I aim to go back soon for my instrument and commercial rating and would recommend AFIT to all those who wish to take to the skies.

Kind Regards
Suleman Munaf Rashid

Shu Kiat

14-Day PPL Training Course

Dear Tony,

I am writing to thank you and Ruben for all the help shown to me over the past few weeks. Ruben has been nothing short of wonderful as an instructor. From the day I arrived till the day I left, Ruben showed immense generosity and responsibility towards me. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

I would recommend anyone interested in obtaining a PPL to join the AFIT program. It works!

Best regards,
Shu Kiat

Jamie Mendelson

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training

“Congratulations, you passed.” Those magical 3 words from the DPE were certainly made possible by my fantabulous instructor- mentor-friend, John and of course the training program by AFIT.

From the very first day that I enquired about the program, Tony had been nothing but responsive and helpful with all the administrative “hassles” for a foreign student like me. All the applications and bookings were done seamlessly with his guidance and the best thing from him was pairing me up with John.

John made learning to fly a pleasure. Kid you not, learning to fly from scratch was definitely stressful, but John was there with me, and for me every step of the way. His encouragement and eye for detail pushed me through all the way, especially when the going got tough. I am so blessed for his guidance, patience and most importantly friendship. I wouldn’t have been able to make it through if not for him.

Thank you once again John and Tony for making this possible!

Best Regards,
Jamie Mendelson

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