What our customers say
Brandon Hale
Corpus Christi, Texas

Learning to fly with A.F.I.T. was one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding value, & good quality flight instruction. John is a “Grade A” instructor. I got my ticket in 42 hours, & I credit John for getting me through in just over the minimum- He has an eye for detail, & doesn’t miss a thing in the aircraft. I also found that he consistently challenged me to do good, & pushed me to get better in the plane.

In retrospect, I’m glad I chose A.F.I.T. as I know I would’ve likely dealt with “revolving door” issues from a training facility that had “time-building” CFIs that have no incentive to help you get your ticket in a timely manner.

Hands down, the best money I’ve ever spent!

Wade Hoak
San Angelo, Texas

The training went well. Overall I really enjoyed John and I learned a lot about my Columbia an my piloting skills. I also enjoyed getting to fly a Bonanza!

Vanessa Riveiro
Bellevue, Washington

As you know, I began my studies abroad ( Panama City, Panama) and on top of that my training had been interrupted many times as life just kept getting in the way. I then moved to Seattle, WA where I enrolled in a flight school where as time passed and the awful weather due to icing conditions did not allow continuous flying which just made me feel that I was not ever going to get my rating.

I had set out to complete my Instrument rating by the end of June as I had already been trying to complete it for over 15 months and I heard about AFIT. IMMEDIATELY after talking with you and explaining my whole background and situation I felt I was in the right hands to finish my IFR training. You assigned Cholena for my flight instructor, who is an amazing, experienced Gold Seal instructor to whom I am very grateful.

My goal is to become an airline pilot and I needed the best training I could find, as soon as I explained my concerns and my goals, Cholena understood perfectly. I was also impressed with the confidence and professionalism everyone at AFIT showed during my training as I told Cholena I would be a challenge to train due to the many “missing links” in my base knowledge. AFIT did exactly what you told me and was very up front with all dealings.

In less than one week training, I got my Instrument Rating and even flew more than I had flown in 15 months elsewhere. When I completed the program I not only got my rating, but feel I am a very safe and competent pilot.

This letter falls short of everything Cholena did to prepare me and help me accomplish my goal.

Thank you Tony and Cholena!

John Welter
Sikeston, MO

I wanted to send a letter of thanks for the opportunity that you and John have provided to me to fulfill a life-long dream. I have to say that the 14 days was action-packed and very exciting. There wasn’t much time for distractions and I think that is one of the main reasons this program is so successful. I tried a couple years ago to get my certificate and the normal day-to-day distractions of running a business and having a family kept me from realizing the dream.

Your program worked! John was an excellent teacher and coach throughout the whole 14 days. I really enjoyed his teaching methods as well as his company and personality.

Thank you so much. My life will never be the same.

Kevin J. Brickner
Yorba Linda, California

The training I received with Lou was better than I had hoped for. The entire process was very structured and well planned out. I enjoyed the experience I had with Lou, “great instructor”. He and I enjoyed a further bond with our military background. I plan on returning when my schedule permits me for an Instrument rating and multi rating.

When I came to AFIT I had felt my previous arrangement was taking too long and costing me more money. I wanted a program with a curriculum and structured base, that’s exactly what I got. Lou was able to find out where I had left off knowledge and flight wise after the first day. I really liked how easy it was to communicate with him and decided how to approach the next few days in order to knock out as much as we could and as safely as we could.

I highly recommend AFIT and Lou. I hope to be back in Texas to take care of further ratings and such.

Ray Ragan
Texas State Trooper

I want to thank you for the training I received through A.F.I.T. I had some concerns as to the swiftness of this course at first but after the first day meeting with my instructor Lou my apprehensions were put to rest. The time frame allotted for this course was spot on. I cannot say enough good and positive things about Lou. Before I started the course he had researched what I needed for my add on commercial rating and put together a manual and maneuvers book.

It is not often in life that we get a chance to meet someone that has such an impact on our lives and careers. Lou is an invaluable asset to aviation and it shows in his passion to instruct, his vast pool of knowledge, and his character. I commend you on having instructors like Lou. Not only did I receive the training I needed but did so in a timely manner and with confidence that I would pass the check ride. If in the future I should need any further training and it is offered by your company I will most certainly be contacting you.

Mike Quayle
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Yesterday, I received my instrument rating after spending nine very enjoyable days in the cockpit with AFIT instructor, Lou Fausak. When I arrived in Dallas I would have bet that it couldn’t be done. But Mr. Fausak, with his vast experience and professionalism, assured me that I would be a good and highly capable instrument pilot when I finished my training. He was right!

I want to thank you for recommending Lou to be my instructor. He is not only a passionate aviator, his tremendous knowledge and experience makes him a pilot’s pilot. He challenges his students to be precise and succeeds in developing them to be safe, sound and quality (instrument) pilots. I am also proud to call Lou a friend and look forward to returning to Dallas for more of his expert training in the future. I will also be proud to recommend AFIT to my pilot friends and acquaintances.

Chad A. Johnson
Commerce, CA

What an incredible experience! Almost hard to believe that I showed up in St. George, Utah with only a few hours of flight time under my belt, and 14 days later I am a Certificated Private Pilot! Eric is absolutely great at what he does. He knew exactly how to push, stretch, set expectations, and keep the whole learning process fun and on track. He is an expert! Truly a professional. Very committed to seeing me succeed! I highly recommend AFIT and Eric if you are serious about becoming a private pilot in the most efficient way possible!

Robert S. McFarland III
Hendersonville, Tennessee

I wanted to express to you what a great experience AFIT was. From the first phone call I made to the final day when I received my private pilot certificate, I received prompt responses to my calls, questions and emails. I never felt ambiguous or unsure about where we stood in the process.

I could not have had a better instructor than Eric. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, he truly cared about me becoming a SAFE pilot. He was there from sun up to sun down (and somedays longer)making sure we stayed on track and did not waste ANY time. This was very important as I had expressed to you on the phone that I was ready to work hard to achieve the certificate. It meant everything to me that I was provided with an great instructor who was more than ready to do the same.

I received A+ quality training in a time period and price we had discussed prior to my payment. What a great service AFIT provides in an industry that seems to do everything but that. I would recommend AFIT to anyone who is serious about receiving great instruction in a timely manner.

James Glaeser
Skamania, WA

I wanted to let you know impressed I was with the service I received from AFIT and the exceptional experience I had flying with John in Boise. One of my original concerns with pursuing an accelerated IFR training option was the uncertainty of the type of CFII that I would be paired with. As John and I enjoyed lunch together that first afternoon in Boise my concerns quickly faded away. John has a passion for aviation that quickly shows itself with a clear and concise teaching style, real-world flying experiences and enjoyable humor.

I would highly recommend AFIT to anyone that is interested in pursuing accelerated flight training.

Stephen Murray
Tishman Construction Corporation, An AECOM Company


Just wanted to touch base with you, since few weeks have passed since training with Eric.

I would like to say what a great instructor you have in Eric. From the ground school to the flying, it was a “Great Experience”.

Doug Stringer
Petaluma, California

It has been a “Great Experience” Cholena was “Great” and my training was enjoyable and fulfilling. Thanks.

Mark Riedy
Longs, South Carolina

I learned a lot in Utah with John.

John was “Very Good” and the experience raised the bar for me.

Thank you.

Will Claren
Eldorado Hills, California

Cholena was Great … No complaints. Thanks for everything.

David Kerley
Saratoga, California

I’m safely back home and trying to acclimate, re-enter my life. Working with Cholena for the past 10 days was exactly what I wanted but nothing close to what I expected. Although I feel I arrived under-prepared to be able to take the maximum advantage of the training, Cholena simply focused me on the work I had to do in order to succeed in the program overall.

I found Cholena to be a professional trainer of the highest quality. She is a master of the knowledge and skill set she shares, but more importantly she seems to thrive on the activity of teaching and finding ways to help her students learn. Having past my check ride with no drama and reflecting on what I’ve learned I’m very appreciative of the foundation that I now have and look forward to the new areas of learning now available to me.

Mark S. Silvers

First off, huge thanks to my instructor, John T. for making the learning process as experiential as possible. John’s approach to ground training always felt more like a conversation with a trusted friend than a formal class, and his extraordinary depth of knowledge in all facets of aviation meant that there was seldom a question to which he didn’t have the answer. He kept me laser-focused on the knowledge I would need for my FAA oral test and check ride, but he still found time to impart untestable yet critical lessons that he has learned in his 40+ years of flying.

Like many novice pilots, I struggled with landings. John proved to be extraordinarily patient with my learning process. He applied several different teach techniques until he found the one that resonated with me and it all clicked. He held my hand during new maneuvers and situations just enough to ensure that I was safe, but he let go often enough to ensure that I learned something from my mistakes. I am confident that I am a better pilot for it, and I truly appreciate the high standards that he set for me, which made my check ride just another day in the plane.

Lucas Fassari
Reno, Nevada

My flight experience was unforgettable. Cholena was an awesome instructor and was very professional and, proficient in her knowledge about the subject matters.

I would highly recommend AFIT and Cholena to any individual who is interested in obtaining their private, or any type of license for their first time.

Thank you so much AFIT and Cholena for your passion for aviation.

Randy Scism
Wentzville, Missouri

Bill was a great instructor for my needs. I own a company and trying to get time away is difficult. Using the AFIT course I could go to work every morning at 6:30 a.m. and work until 11:00 a.m. We would work on ground school and flight training every day. We would end our day at 10:00 pm. Bill never complained about the long hours. I have only had my private license for 3 or 4 months. Bill helped me on both the written and practical test. I own a Cirrus SR-22. My insurance for a student/new pilot was $10,000.00 per year. After I accomplished 150 hours of flight time and passed my instrument rating my insurance dropped to half. Not only did I save $5,000.00 per year, but I am a much safer pilot thanks to Bill’s instruction and AFIT. Many Thanks.

Hon. Mark W. Latchana
Davison, Michigan

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for a Wonderful training experience. Eric and wife Rhonda were fantastic. They were organized, punctual, pleasant and engaged. They really went out of their way to make sure that I had everything I needed.
Eric is a great instructor and skilled pilot. His insights will make me a better and safer pilot. After doing holding patterns and partial panel for days at a time, the checkride was a piece of cake. The one thing that came through to me more than anything is that Eric cares about his students and wants them to be successful.

Please rest assured that I will recommend your company and Eric to anyone who has an interest in pilot training.

Thanks again.

Mark M. Anderson
Sarasota, Florida

Your AFIT personnel, especially Eric and your various associates are “First Class” flight training professionals. You will not get a whitewash job – and before you’re done, you will acquire the skills you need, to start to survive, in the unforgiving world of airplane flying. An Awesome experience

Thanks for everything.

Mark Warner
Redwood City, CA

I recently had the opportunity to fly with Michael to complete an Instrument proficiency check. Michael is an excellent instructor with an expansive amount of experience and knowledge that he brought to the cockpit. I found him to be patient and willing to try different instructional approaches to improve my flying techniques and knowledge base while flying on instruments. Also, I appreciated his “back to basics” approach while flying on instruments and to have a back-up plan in place in the event the Garmin GTN750 goes blank.

I would highly recommend Michael for instructional flying.

Graham Goodrich
Des Moines, Washington

John was the perfect professional during the entire process, a natural flight instructor. Even though we lost some time due to abnormal weather, we still finished on time. I was very impressed with his methods and would definitely use AFIT again.

Overall, I had a “great experience” and it was a vast improvement over the flight school I was using before.

Zach Weber
Baggs, Wyoming

I would like to thank John my instructor, not only for helping me get my Private pilot’s license in 40 hours but for becoming a great friend. He is a “Great Instructor” and a great person to be around which made my training not feel like a school but just another day with a friend who has great knowledge in aviation.
I don’t know of anywhere else that someone can learn in that short of time and feel as confident and as proficient as I do with the instruction. After completing my check ride, I flew my own plane home on a 3 hour flight with confidence and ease. I am grateful that I was able to have such a knowledgeable instructor that I rate as second to none.

Thank you AFIT and John for everything that you have done for me, I will recommend my experience to anyone interested in aviation.

I look forward to continuing my training into IFR with AFIT and John in the future.

Douglas Wilson
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Both You and John were great to work with. It does not seem that it should be so difficult to find good IFR training. I have been pleasantly surprised by your communication and service. I have put a great deal of time and effort into IFR training and now that I am finished I wish I had started with you.  Thanks again.

Jonathan Gallmeier
Austin, Texas

I have had a fantastic week in Addison TX with Lou and I’d like thank you and AFIT for everything. Lou is a fantastic instructor! I had 80 hours of instruction prior, but still had cross-country solo work to do as well as a number of other requirements to wrap up. Lou was able to diagnose my failure points immediately and got my skills up to PTS standards in a matter of days. Experience makes a difference!
I’d highly recommend AFIT and Lou to anyone interested in flight training. There is none of the “time building” and “dollar wasting” activities you may find at other flight schools. You may pay a little more through AFIT from the hourly cost perspective. However, you won’t spend as much time learning so your total cost is less.

Feel free to share my contact information, I will give a hearty two thumbs up for AFIT and Lou.

Stephen Fink
Sacramento, California

Thank you Tony and Cholena for making a dream of mine a reality. Anyone who is skeptical about an accelerated program really shouldn’t be, and I’m proof. After struggling with instructors schedules, meeting with multiple different instructors, forgetting what I learned and spending much of lessons relearning everything, I found AFIT. Before AFIT, I felt like I was tiring out an instructor if I wanted more than the normal 2 hours typical lesson. The instruction was everything you told me it would be Tony when you signed me up. The plan was completely laid out from start to finish, I felt like every day had a purpose. The program is great it not only prepared me for the checkride, but made me a confident, proficient and safe pilot.

Thanks again!

Chip Baker
Arcata, California

I had struggled to get my pilots license for three years . Weather, timing, money and business all contributed to such a long road. I’ve been to four different FBO’s, and had numerous low time flight instructors. At 80 hours I had learned the basics, however my skills were poor and I still needed night landings and solo time to finish my requirements.
After calling several accelerated flight programs throughout the country I finally talked to AFIT. Tony assured me that I was no different than many of their other clients and he was glad to help me.

Tony scheduled me with John at their Boulder, Colorado location. “John was the instructor I needed.” He has thousands of hours of dual given and 40+ years of experience in aviation.

We started working immediately. John evaluated my flying skills and aviation knowledge . After identifying my numerous flaws and bad habits, John was actually able to teach me how to safely fly a single engine aircraft . The whole process only took 10 days of actual training.

Now that I have my pilots license I will definitely use AFIT for my instrument rating. Many Thanks AFIT.

Randall K. Johnson
Longmont, Colorado

Training with AFIT was a “Great Experience.” John was always Professional, Enthusiastic and really went out of his way to make sure I understood the material.

I’m looking forward to aviation being a part of my life and will definitely be back with AFIT when I’m ready to pursue my instrument rating. Thank You!

Emma Beebe
Reno, Nevada

My flight training with Todd was wonderful! He really helped me understand a lot of concepts I’d been struggling with and I now feel that I’ll be a safe and competent Private Pilot.

Despite weather delays that impacted both the training and the check ride, it all got done.

I look forward to working with AFIT again soon!

Larry Norcross
Clinton, Missouri

I just wanted to tell you that AFIT was the only way I was going to get my IFR. John was great and easy to work with around my busy schedule. John knew my Bonanza inside and out..

I will recommend your course to anyone who is serious about getting a Instrument rating. Your training program was “Excellent”.

Josh Bellamy
Peoria, Illinois

Thank you for your time and instruction in my Bonanza G36. I engaged AFIT to get more comfortable flying my Bonanza. I appreciate your working around my busy schedule and your willingness to fly at my convenience. Your guidance was a great benefit to my becoming comfortable flying the Bonanza.

Your guidance and instruction is invaluable to my training and more importantly my safety as a pilot. Thanks for everything.

Chris Crabtree
Mooresville, North Carolina

I really enjoyed flying with Todd. He was patient, helpful and very informative. You guys have been great to work with to get everything worked out so quickly and thoroughly.

Thanks for your help.

Susan C
San Diego, California

John is an excellent instructor and is committed to getting his students through this very demanding but ultimately rewarding IFR program. I was an inexperienced pilot having received my private and cross country flight experience in a cessna 150 thirteen years ago and had not flown meaningfully since. I managed to accomplish a high performance rating, biannual VFR flight review and my IFR rating all in 10 days of flying.

John not only saw me through the IFR course but worked on my overall flying skills, landings and pattern work. He kept me going on a few rocky days when I wanted to quit. By the time the check ride arrived I felt properly prepared. I am proud of the amount of work we accomplished in such a short period of time. Thanks for everything.

Kenneth Bacow
New York, USA

I’m thrilled to have passed my instrument checkride. I really can’t say enough good things about the whole experience, and John in particular. John was really good at maintaining a pace and cadence to make sure that I didn’t burn out.

In addition to everything I learned about instrument flying and procedures, I may have learned even more from John about aviation in general. He helped me get more out of cockpit automation, get more use out of my iPad when flying, taught me about aircraft systems and maintenance, and real world weather tips. In addition, he’s just an all around nice person and very easy to be around.

Given we finished our training early, I’m very excited to be able to get some complex / multi time during our last day and a half. I would be thrilled to recommend John and AFIT to anyone.

Many thanks for helping me become an instrument pilot.

Don Huskey
Leesburg, Texas

It was a goal of mine to get instrument rated by year end. I was a 150 hour VFR pilot with no high performance or complex time plus a twenty year hiatus since earning my wings. Our A36, N999SG came to us in May of this year and I began flying a handful of aircraft. After the required hours of dual in type for insurability plus a healthy premium I was ready to commit to earning my rating. I utilized Aviation Seminars for their expertise in preparing for the written test and passed comfortably. A week later I spoke with you and A.F.I.T. Todd my Instructor came to my home airport December 5th to begin our ten day training.

Todd was relentless and somewhat diabolical in reinforcing what would be required to meet the Practical Test Standards. Unusual attitude recovery, holding, three approaches and a congratulations from the DPE on earning Instrument Rating.

Within one month I went from Written Test Prep course to A.F.I.T. to check ride and having my Instrument rating. And… I did it by year end!

Thank you Tony and thank you Todd.

Dr. Lance M. Hill
Lewisville, Texas

Today I finished my PPL. I passed my check-ride with flying colors. Also my baby girl was born late last night at 9lbs 1oz. She is so beautiful and amazing. This has been an amazing year. I want to whole heatedly thank AFIT and John for all the skills taught me during my time in Colorado. John helped me obtain a life-long goal, and I am very appreciative for the time and talent.

Martina Reik
Novi, Michigan

Thank you for all your help on my way to finish the instrument rating.

I was always very impressed with the fast, thorough and patient responses to my e-mails, even when I sent them late in the afternoon or even during the evening hours. The positive impression I gained from our discussions was very comforting, I therefore decided to finish my instrument rating with you.

I flew from Michigan to California to meet with John at the Van Nuys Airport. On the same day we began with the training and an initial flight to get me accustomed to the plane and the airspace as well as to give John an idea of which topics had to be covered and what needs to be practiced in order to get me ready for the instrument check ride. John is a great and experienced teacher who did an excellent job with pushing me to my limits but also with polishing my skills and in deepening my understanding of the instrument flying system. I learned a lot from John, inside and outside the plane, about flying and aviation in general.

The check ride took place on January 1st. Thanks to the intense training with John, his constant pushing and pointing to things that I missed during the training, I passed with flying colors. Is there a better way to start the New Year?

The G1000 equipped Cessna 172 we used for the training was fun to fly and in great condition. It was a great and thoroughly enjoyable experience working with John. I don’t want to imagine, how much more time I would have had to spend in Michigan (conditions are currently 5°F degree F, snow and ice) to finish the instrument training.

Thank you, I will certainly recommend AFIT and John to other pilots.

Andrew Dirkes
Hanford, California

Just want to say thanks to you both (Tony and John) for the finishing course for my PPL. From calling on a Friday to starting flights on Monday it was great to walk away 7 days later with my Private Pilot’s License. John did a great job of blocking off time for an airplane ensuring I could make the timeline while working with me to make sure I was confident for the check ride. I had 36 hours over the previous 5 1/2 months and now have my license and 60 hours.

Kate Pottebaum
Winterset, Iowa

A teacher is only as good as their ability to impart knowledge, and Eric is exemplary. He has a way of reducing complex aviation concepts into digestible pieces. He is able to explain, re-explain, and then interpret his explanation until his student comprehends. Eric is long on patience and is meticulous in his instructing. Accelerated courses must have been designed around Eric, as his ability to teach flight in 13 days is down to a science. He also walks the exact same walk that he expects of his students. If I went home exhausted from a long day of flight, I knew that Eric was still working. He cares about his students success because he cares about putting safe, competent, and critically thinking pilots out into the sky. I appreciate that I have been connected with him and am grateful for the above-and-beyond instruction I received from him. I am a better pilot than many other instructors could have produced. Any advertisement is only as good as it’s product; AFIT is extremely lucky to have found a fit with Eric and I am glad that it connects him with exactly what he was designed to do- teach people how to fly. Thank you for the experience!

Tony, thanks again for the connection! You’ve got a great product with AFIT!

Dayer Worrall
Salt Lake City, Utah

I couldn’t have completed my instrument training without AFIT!!!! In spite of two mechanical issues and weather that postponed our flying time, my trainer John still made it happen. I can’t say enough about his patience and commitment. My overall piloting knowledge and confidence grew beyond my expectations with John and AFIT….My recommendation is more of a question. Why would you choose anyone other than AFIT?

I really enjoyed my time with John and plan on doing some recurring training with him in the future. Thanks again for your help and swift follow up every time.

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