What our customers say
Mark Williams
Redmond, Washington

I wanted to relay my thanks for the incredible training provided by John and AFIT. I am a low time pilot (just passed 200 hours while with John) and being in my mid-40s don’t learn as quickly as I used to! So, leading into the start of my course I really couldn’t see how someone could turn a few random hours of instrument time (going back to my private training a couple of years ago) into an instrument rating in just 10 days. How wrong I was…

On meeting John on the first day, he immediately put me at ease. He’s a very likable chap and very quickly honed in on a communication and teaching approach that suited my learning style. We actually got going on that first day with the 250 mile / three airport requirement included in the PTS. This was a stroke of genius on John’s part because a) it helped us get to know each other b) got a potentially cumbersome requirement out of the way quickly and c) got me well grounded in what lay ahead, without the pressure of having to “perform” from the outset. While my mistakes were frequent and clear, by the end of the flight John has raised – not lowered – my confidence in my ability to pass the checkride.

Over the course of the following days John worked me hard! He was very flexible as to when we met each morning, accommodating weather issues into the training with ease. We also had some unanticipated plane availability issues and John got stuck in with a number of very persuasive calls to various folks to find a resolution. This included “educating” some folks on the FARs around 100 hour requirements with for-hire planes. John knows his stuff!!

As it turned out, we lost three full days to weather, which – I am told – is very unusual for this time of year in Denver. Even then, John signed me off at the end of the 8th day. Given my readiness (or lack thereof) going into the course, that is staggering to me! He threw in “academic” topics along the way, which was really helpful in getting through the oral exam, which I took on morning of the 9th day. I sailed through that and John was a big factor. Unfortunately, weather prevented me taking the checkride, which was postponed to the following morning. Again, John was there for me – he met me at 8am for a quick ride ahead of my checkride, which was very helpful. He didn’t need to do that – but did!

Thankfully my checkride went well and I was overjoyed to receive my instrument rating. I am completely exhausted but in a good way!!

John’s teaching style, communication skills and sheer experience were the biggest factors in my achieving what, for me, has been a goal for quite some time. I would also like to think I made a good friend (and more, actually – he introduced me to his pilot girlfriend and two other pilot friends over a very enjoyable dinner on Friday!).

If you have any customers in the Seattle area (which may happen because I’ll be telling folks about AFIT) please send John – I’d love to meet up with him and think back on what was a very enjoyable and ultimately successful 10 days. Together, John and AFIT exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Jim Stockhouse
Jackson, Wyoming

I can’t say enough about John. He was professional, committed, accommodating, and prepared me thoroughly for the IFR check ride. He also taught me to land my Columbia properly as well as made me a better pilot in every aspect. He arranged through his contacts to fix any problem that came up with my plane. I now count John as a friend that I can call for advice and he can call me if he needs a favor. You have a winner in John.

Chuck Ohnmacht
Wilmington, North Carolina

Ron was a pleasure. I enjoyed getting to know him and having him as an instructor. He was willing to fly anytime, anywhere. We spent a lot of time working but also mixed in some trips to different places such as Orlando, The Keys, DC, etc. where we were able to get experience in different types of air space and heavier traffic flows as well as visiting a Fly In. He was well rehearsed with all of the systems in the plane and applied a fun and relaxed syllabus. I got my rating on the 10th day just like you promised. Please feel free to use me as a reference for future students.

Joseph W. Humphrey
Santa Rosa, California

I just wanted to get back to you and thank you for a wonderful instrument training session I had with John and to provide you with this recommendation.

As you may recall, I have a Bonanza A36TC and wanted to do an accelerated Instrument Rating in a complex, retractable gear aircraft so that the time would count toward getting insurance coverage on the Bonanza. Due to John’s impressive piloting history, we ended up with John listed on my insurance and an OK to do dual training in the A36TC. Doing your IR in a fast turbo Bonanza is not the easiest way to get an IR. But, if you are willing work hard and put a few extra hours in, it can be a very rewarding experience. Naturally, my goal was to be able to fly the A36TC with an IR, so it was much faster, if not easier, to do my training in the Bonanza. Nonetheless, John was very helpful in providing both transition training in the Bonanza at the same time as starting from the beginning for the IR. After successfully getting my IR, the insurance company offered me PIC insurance based on the 56 hours of dual with John.

John has lots of experience in turbo operations as well as high altitude flying. He was excellent in teaching both how to fly the airplane as well as the instrument procedures. I was very pleased with the experience and fully intend to use AFIT and John again in the near future to expand my piloting skills for both the commercial rating and multi-engine. It is a lot of work to do an accelerated IR, but I would trust AFIT for this task!! Thanks

Dave McCrane
Napa, California

I Passed the checkride in the Bonanza A36TC with no issues! John was great to work with. He accepted the challenge that all others shied away from. John took a new low hour pilot from a Cherokee and not only transitioned me into a high performance, complex turbo normalized Bonanza, but used the Bonanza for 100% of the IFR training as well. All in 13 days.

John was always professional and delivered much more than what was expected. The IFR training with John, made me a better pilot in the Bonanza than I was in the Cherokee. Thanks

Gordon Bunting
Bend, Oregon

I just wanted to give you some feedback from my experience with John in Colorado last month. I wanted to thank you for a great instructor. He was a very knowledgeable and helpful instructor that made the whole process very easy on my part. Our flights together were enjoyable and he managed to combine the necessary elements to get me check ride ready with my needs for cross country hours very well. The aircraft rental he arranged in Erie was top notch. The plane was virtually brand new and their line staff and management couldn’t have been nicer in meeting my needs during the rental. I especially appreciated the reimbursement for lower fuel costs elsewhere from the daily wet rental rate. Although I’ve heard the 10 day programs can be very difficult in terms of the volume of information and doubts about completion, I found just the opposite to be true with my experience with AFIT and John. He was able to incorporate all the needed aspects into fun, daily flying time that accomplished all the goals I had set out for the week.

Again, Thank you for all your help setting up my program. I wish you the best with continued business. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with John and value the experience. As he may have related,
I passed my check ride on the first time with no major concerns and look forward to future development of my IFR skills. Thank you again,

Tim Temple
Dallas, Texas

I wanted to write and let you know what a pleasure it was for me to complete my IFR training in my Cirrus SR-22 with AFIT and especially my instructor Mark. After working around my hectic schedule, you were able to arrange for Mark to come down to Dallas. From almost the moment I picked up Mark at the Dallas Love airport to dropping him off for his flight back home, Mark wasted no time quizzing me in preparation for my check ride. The weather was absolute CAVU the entire time Mark was in the Dallas area and he obliged my desire to get into some true IMC by putting up with some long days to allow flights to south Louisiana where the weather could be found. We started our days early and Mark was always patient with my questions and helped me to develop a deep understanding of Instrument flying with his broad range of flying experiences. I have already recommended AFIT to a fellow pilot based at my airport and would not hesitate to do so again. Thanks Tony.

Mark Timm
Bainbridge, Indiana

What an asset you have in Mark. He is a real stand up guy who is a great flight instructor. I enjoyed my time with Mark both professionally and personally and to boot found his instruction to be very comprehensive. Given the fact that I had to split my time into 2 sessions he was also very flexible to make sure we got everything covered and re-covered if necessary. Needless to say, he has my highest recommendation for your students who are fortunate enough to get him as an instructor.

I like the way your system works. Good business model. My Best

Scott Crutchfield
Sebring, Florida

Just a quick note to thank you for sending Ron to be my flight instructor. What a GREAT guy and excellent instructor. Ron instilled confidence in me and my flying abilities. He is by far the BEST flight instructor I have ever met or worked with. Anyone who is thinking about getting their instrument rating and is concerned about finishing within the 10 days should not be concerned if Ron is in the seat next to them. They WILL succeed and exceed their expectations. I would unquestionably recommend Ron to anyone desiring to get an instrument rating. Please feel free to have any prospective students contact me directly if they would like further information on my experience with your organization.

Brian M. Collins
Las Vegas, Nevada

I had a great time getting my IFR and training with Ed, he was great . I’m planning on a 2 day recurrent training program in January, to take on the California controllers. Thanks again.

Gary Budke
St. Louis, MO

I assume that by now you have heard from Ron that I passed the IFR check ride on Wednesday.

I am just writing to thank you so much for hooking me up with Ron to help me finish training for my instrument rating. Aside from being one of the nicest gentlemen I have ever met, he is an exceptionally well qualified instructor. We worked really hard and at times I was ready to bag the whole thing, not thinking that I was going to be able to perform to the FAA’s standards. Ron was always enthusiastic, upbeat and did his very best to keep me motivated during the long days of training. I had serious doubts at times that I would be able to be ready since we had to shorten the length of training due to the schedule of the examiner.

For me, as I am sure it is for any student, it was the fear of the unknown that kept me awake at night. Ron constantly encouraged me though and never once made me feel embarrassed when I made a mistake. It was great fun being with him and we did have many laughs while we worked so hard to accomplish our goal. All of my worry was for nothing though as every aspect of the oral and check ride went smoothly. Ron kept giving me the credit for succeeding, but I know that it would not have been possible without his dedication and skills as an instructor.

I have had training from numerous CFII’s along my journey for this rating and Ron is without question the best teacher in the business.

Please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference for anyone that is thinking of using AFIT to obtain their rating.

Thanks again!

Greg Goodman
Haines, Alaska

Wanted to let you know that I attained my instrument/commercial. I also want to let you know that I enjoyed working with Ed, he is professional, patient and dedicated.

Thanks for everything.

Tony Katiny
Flatwoods, West Virginia

Thank you very much for the wonderful experience I had working with you and Ralph… I thought before I would never get my instrument ticket because of the “sketchy”, off-on kind of training, but with your help, I almost came to tears when the examiner said to me, “congratulations, you’ve done a good job and earned your ticket”…One word on Ralph…he is a great asset to your company.. made me feel at ease. I was a little bit skeptical about training with someone whom I never met before, but his terrific skills, both in flying and personal, made it like a breeze…I regret when he left because I felt I said good bye to a dear friend and will miss him, but will stay in touch as friends and mentor…

Thank you again, Tony,…It was a pleasurable experience working with you…God bless…

Jared Klein
Milwaukee Wisconsin

Thanks for the congratulations. I had a great time with Ed. The flying was intense, but I really feel that I learned a lot from the experience. In addition to passing the rating I think that I am a much better pilot and better and more comfortable controlling my plane. Ed was very calm even when I was flying across the LOC course and kept the stress limited to only my own. We also had a great time talking about flying and a lot of other things over lunch and breaks. The program turned out to be a great adventure flying up to Minnesota and meeting with the FAA examiner although I know this is not part of the regular course. I filed IFR for my flight back to Milwaukee and was vector through Minneapolis Bravo airspace.

Thanks again.


John Scott Mooring
Houston, Texas

I really enjoyed the time spent with Ron. He is a great teacher with a lot of patience for working with people new to the IFR world. We flew all over Texas through VMC and IMC weather. He took the time to explain everything that we were doing as well as to repeat information multiple times through out the 10 days. Ron was very flexible and worked around my schedule as it fit into a busy life. I would highly recommend AFIT to anyone interested in attaining their IFR certificate.

Chuck Schnatter
Louisville, Kentucky

It was great working with Ralph, personally and professionally. Not only is he a great guy, he has a very good way of explaining things in an understandable manner. Take Care!

Kyle Vestermark
Long Beach, California

Joey is an excellent instructor for the following reasons: thoroughness, he has good communication abilities, good interpersonal skills, explains everything very well, excellent knowledge on the subject matter, very professional and timely.

Thank you again for a wonderful experience!

Ed Holliday
Laguna Niguel, California

I want to commend you on your use of the extremely capable and ever-cheerful Ronald for part of your team, BUT, any future student should be given the following WARNING prior to starting their instrument training with Ron: “WARNING!! This guy will REFUSE to allow you to say you’re never gonna get it! He will NOT get annoyed with you and let you quit for the day, just because you blew the same approach six times in a row! He will continue to LAUGH every time you threaten him with physical harm, and you WILL NOT be able to persuade him to just keep the money and go on the next student!” By the time it all comes together and you start to wonder why you ever thought it was so difficult – about the eighth day for me – he will make some smart-aleck remark like “I knew you could do it all along”(!) In short, I appreciate the fact that he MADE ME do it [I had three other instrument instructors in the thirty years and 1100 hours since I got my private ticket], and would recommend Ron and AFIT to anyone – with the above warning, of course.

Your firm provides a very valuable service to the pilot community; we need more instrument rated flyers, but it’s all too easy to get discouraged in the early stages of shooting approaches and decide to “quit for now, and come back to it when I have more time, money, patience, etc…”i.e., QUIT. I tried those fly-an-hour-at-a-time-once-or-twice-a-week processes in some syllabus-oriented school’s high-time fixed-gear, fixed-prop trainer with no real success, because it was too easy to put it off. I’m convinced that your method whereby I flew my own new Bonanza off my own Class C airport – and jammed it all into ten days – has made me a much safer and more capable pilot than the old-fashioned way.
Thanks Tony.

Michael Ray
Guymon, Oklahoma

Just wanted to follow up with the training I received from AFIT. Even though our weather wasn’t the best – ask Bill how cold he was – my training went off better than I could have hoped for. Bill had me completely prepared for the oral exam and check ride, so much that I was somewhat disappointed that the check ride was not harder. The experience with AFIT was great and I was extremely happy with the time I spent with Bill – not only did he prepare me for the instrument check ride but was very helpful in making me a better pilot by going above and beyond what was required. I plan on using AFIT and Bill for recurrent training so that I stay up to date with everything related to instrument flying and new equipment. Once again, thanks for everything.

Joe Hampton
Safford, Arizona

You were right, Ed was great!!! Excellent teacher and excellent man! We had a good time together.

Thank you for everything.

Shad Guffey
Ogden, Utah

We couldn’t have done it without Ed’s instruction and appreciate your help. We learned a lot of good things from Ed that will help us be better pilots.

All that counts is that the AFIT system works and we now have our instrument ratings which as you know is a license to learn more…much more! Thank you.

Good luck and God bless.

Cary Fairbourn
Morgan, Utah

I truly appreciate the opportunity I had to work with you and Ed. Ed was a lot of fun and made the challenge of instrument training seem much more manageable. We flew all over the west in the course of training, even got into a little IMC along the way. Ed’s personality was very enjoyable in a training environment…and just hanging out in the down times. I would enthusiastically endorse your program and Ed for anyone ready to take the IFR transition step. Thank you.

Scott Connelly
Corona Del Mar, California

Bill is, without qualification, a superb instructor. His vast experience in many domains of aviation allows him to impart important “real world” insights into the procedural guidelines mandated by the FAA. His approach allows the trainee to embrace flying as a dynamic process, sidestepping the pedantic trappings of conventional flight school syllabi.

For the owner/operator who desires an efficient and pragmatic method to advance his or her skills/ratings, the AFIT programs represent a truly exemplary opportunity to attain their goals.
Thank You.

Tulane M. Peterson
Arcadia, California

I successfully completed the IFR certification this week. Thanks for all your help in the training process. Due to some extraordinary work pressures of my law practice, Mark and I had to work with an extremely compact schedule to complete both the instrument written exam and the practical training while he was here. Mark graciously took on the challenge and provided outstanding training and guidance throughout the instrument training process. Mark conducted the instrument training with an extremely high level of professional competence, tailoring the training process to both my personal situation and my personal training needs. Southern California is an extremely congested and complex training ground for instrument construction. Mark was able to craft training exercises in this real-world context that well prepared me to fly safely and competently in the Southern California instrument environment. My hat is off to Mark for a job very well done.

Kris J. Storkersen
Temecula, California

I want to say working with Bill was a real pleasure. He was calm and VERY professional. My experience with Bill and AFIT was nothing short of excellent. I cant believe I am instrument rated. I have talked about doing this for many years. I thank you and your company for allowing me to fulfill my dream.

Ron Waddell
Houma, Louisiana

Thank you. Ed is a great guy and a fantastic instructor. I went in to the flight training with only the 6 hours of basic instrument that I received when I got my Private license. Ed took it from there. He and I, literally, spent all day every day together working on this for 10 straight days. I can’t thank him enough. Ed polished my flying skills, my thinking skills, my communication skills, definitely my multitasking skills. I definitely received more than just a IFR certificate from this. I “know” that I am a better “pilot” today than I was ten days ago. Now all I have to do is keep up my skills.

Andre C. Broussard, Jr
Houma, LA

I had an excellent experience with Ron and I would recommend him and AFIT to anyone aspiring to attain an instrument rating. Ron is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and is a talented instructor and motivator. My training with Ron will certainly serve me well in the future and I wish you guys continued success.

Douglas F. Mology
New Jersey

I wanted to drop you this letter of appreciation on what I great choice I made in selecting AFIT for my instrument training. It’s probably the story you hear quite often. Started my training elsewhere, 2 hours here, 3 hours there seemed like it was taking forever. Trying to book time with busy instructors, scheduling planes etc. Then when I had the opportunity, the aircraft and the desire to put aside 10 days, Ron came here and did such a fantastic job. I saw the difference the very first day. The syllabus of ground, followed up by airwork in such an organized, step by step process. I felt like I had learned more in the first day then I did in months of previous lessons here and there.

Ron knew the plane inside and out. One of the things I had requested from your company in the beginning. Please don’t send me someone who is unfamiliar with the aircraft. You didn’t and he knew everything there is about the Cirrus. He made the whole learning process both fun and enjoyable all while learning what it takes to fly instrument single pilot. At the end of the course I passed the check ride and now have level of confidence I’ve never had before. When you recommend Ron to future students, let them know, they will talk instrument flying all day, at ground school, in the plane even while we were having lunch. This type of process worked so great for me, we were always talking about rules, regulations and steps to follow while flying.

I look back so fondly of the 10 days with Ron. I’ve kept in touch with him since he left and look forward to using your company for future ratings as I see fit. Thanks so much. All the success to you and AFIT. Please if you have anyone who wants to hear from a student of AFIT , tell them to give me a call. I would be glad to recommend AFIT to them first hand.

Scott J. Saldana

I wanted to send you a short note to express my satisfaction with AFIT’s Instrument Training Program. I found my trainer, Mark, to be a professional who really knows the material and how to present it. And I especially appreciated the flexibility afforded me during the days of training. It was a real benefit to me since my work schedule is demanding and at times unpredictable. I am looking forward to working with Mark again next month for my Commercial rating.

I would readily recommend Mark and AFIT’s training program to any pilot.

J. Paul Cooper
Atlanta, Georgia

! wanted to personally thank you and your team at AFIT on a job well done! I finally received my Instrument Rating and couldn’t be happier with the professionalism Ron demonstrated as my flight instructor. We had a great relationship as instructor and student and Ron covered all of the material I was to be tested on to my comfort level, so that when I took the test, I felt absolutely sure that I would pass, and I did! Ron was a pleasure to work with and I hope to maintain my relationship with him in the future.

My company, Cooper-Atlanta Transportation Services (CATS), is a luxury limousine service headquartered in the Atlanta area and we service our customers on a global basis. I noticed many similarities in the professionalism and customer service that AFIT and CATS’ provide to their customers; therefore, it makes me feel even more secure to know I have been trained by what I believe to be the best in the Aviation industry.

On another note, I have been looking at the Pilatus PC-12 as my next possible aircraft and may need some training to familiarize myself with its avionics and flying ability. I was reading on your website that you now have a Pilatus Training Course. That’s great and when I do find my Pilatus, I will again be calling you and your team of professionals!

Again, thanks to Ron and to you at AFIT for providing a great training program and helping me conquer another goal in my flying journey! Safe skies,

Rod Tuttle
Alpine, CA

I just wanted you to know Bill E. was a pleasure to work with. He was able to stay calm and worked with my bad habits, no matter how stubborn I was. Bill is very understanding, patient, and a genuinely nice and sincere gentlemen. He even worked our a second weekend trip so that I was able to pass my checkride. I’ve been flying VFR for over 10 years and have always worried about being stuck someplace or having to delay departure. It sure adds undue stress to the situation. I had taken a traditional IFR course with my local CFI and passed the written. With my business growing fast it seems I never had the time to get my instrument rating. But I did update my Saratoga with the latest GPS, HSI, Mode S, etc, for that day when I would have to enter the clouds.

The stress finally got to me after being stuck in TX for 2 days. I saw your ad in one of the flying magazines at the FBO, called the number and got the ball rolling. I studied on my own and, based on my old instructor’s endorsement, took the written exam ( got a 97% ). Bill E. then stepped in and we logged 18 hours of training over a 5 day period. I enjoyed every minute. Even the ground training. I have never worked with an instructor that has such a broad spectrum of flying experience. With Bill’s confidence I was able to pass the check ride and I now have my IFR rating. I almost immediately put the rating to use on a trip with to the San Juan Islands ( near Seattle ). With my wife ( a VFR pilot ) in the right seat to crosscheck, we were able to make 3 IFR departures and 3 full approaches at 4 different airports on that trip. We were able to make all of our planned departures and stops on schedule. No more undue delays waiting for the morning marine layer to break up. That trip was made possible by my training at AFIT.
It was a pleasure having the chance to work with AFIT and especially great to receive training from an instructor with such experience and knowledge as Bill E. AFIT would be my number one recommendation for any experienced pilot wanting to efficiently earn an instrument rating.

Oscar Hernandez
Miami, Florida

Thanks for the email, I had it on my mind to call both you and Ed and thank you for all your help. I did very well on my test and I have high marks for Ed. He was pleasant, courteous, timely and easy to work with. My family and I will fly safely thanks to your teaching and dedication. Stay in touch.

James W. Vick
Chicago, Illinois

Tony, thanks, Ed was very accommodating on my schedule and was a pleasure to work w/. We covered quite a few things in the 4 days preparing for the check ride. You can know that my biggest disappointment is all of the time i have spent (1 year) getting to this point. if i were to do it again, i would go through your 10 day program and be done. the one time economic hit may be higher in appearance, but, the overall costs would be lower.

Thanks for your help and for sending Ed down to work with me, you and your staff did a great job.

Edward C. Marcinko
Windber, PA

I just wanted to say thanks to you and your excellent staff at AFIT. First off, on initial contact you explained everything that AFIT could and more importantly would do for me. I already had my private pilot license and instrument rating and was looking to obtain both the Commercial SE and the Commercial ME with Instrument privileges. Prior to contacting AFIT, I was slowly crawling along facing all the hassles associated with a traditional flight-training program.

All that changed when I contacted AFIT. Believe me when I say no false promises were made. You laid it all on the line and covered everything in detail. When you indicated that I could get it all done in eight days, I have to admit I was very skeptical and doubted you and the instructor about getting this done within that established time frame. You indicated it would not be easy and that it would require a very serious commitment. I like a challenge, so I took you up on it.

As you know, I managed to successfully pass four ratings in eight days. I now hold a Commercial Multiengine with Instrument and a Commercial Single Engine with Instrument. Add to that, the fact of having a truly enjoyable experience while getting it all accomplished. I highly recommend your services. Thanks again for everything.

Christopher A. Burton

Ron and I had a great time and the training was fantastic. I can highly recommend your program to any pilot who wants to earn their instrument ticket. Thanks again.

Bill Eve P.E.
Springfield, Illinois

I just wanted to let you know that I thought your accelerated instrument course was fantastic! On the Morning of June 5th, I had never had an instrument lesson in my life. With the exception of the minimal instrument training required to get my private ticket and a couple of hours during my BFR’s, I had almost no instrument time. By June 15th I had my instrument rating! Your system works!

I can’t begin to say enough about the instructor, Ronald, Simply put, Ronald was probably the best teacher that I’ve ever had in any subject. There were moments (about the 6th day of training) when I had no idea how I was ever going to pass the check-ride. Between his expert instruction and his role as my personal cheerleader, Ronald was able to reassure me that we were right on track. And he was right. By the end of the 8th day everything made sense, I knew what I was doing, and I knew I was going to pass my check-ride. I’d be happy to talk to any of your prospective clients as a referral. When I get around to upgrading my plane I’ll be sure and schedule another round of training!

David M. Lusk

Weather and schedules finally cooperated for my instrument practical Tuesday night. I passed with several compliments. Mark shared and taught me techniques that were easily understood, and repeatable, for all aspects of the practical. Most of these were noted and resulted in positive comments from my examiner.

I enjoyed working with Mark. He was very sensitive about my time, making himself available around my business and personal obligations. More importantly, for me, he was a very effective instructor. He clearly explained requirements, risks and preferred methods for safe and compliant instrument flight. He also went out of his way to use IMC for much of the training, invaluable experience, especially here in the Upper Midwest.

My only regret is that I waited so long to train this way. Thanks for your help and support.

Larry Cochran
Santa Barbara, California

My recent experience with Ronald from AFIT was nothing but perfect. Ronald came to Santa Barbara and spent several days in our home as well as my airplane. As a flight instructor Ronald provided all the necessary flight training and oral preparation to pass my commercial check ride. Ronald has the ability to pass along his vast knowledge of flight. As a guest, he was a delight to have with us. With a very busy schedule, using the services from AFIT was an ideal way to get the training needed to pass the FAA Check Ride and I thank you.

Dr. Larry D Sumerlin
El Paso, Texas

I wanted to thank you for arranging the ten day course for me. It was most helpful. Instructor Mark tailored the course to my needs and my schedule. He was very patient yet thorough. Without his help, I could not have accomplished my goals. Thanks again

Justin Damore

Bill E. was great. He has a very subtle teaching approach which really instills confidence. He definitely doesn’t miss a thing. He’s very thorough and methodical. I had a great time with Bill and it ended with my instrument rating. I’d recommend AFIT and Bill to anyone, especially if they own a Cirrus. Turn, time, twist, throttle, talk…..think. worked for me. Thanks for everything.

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