What our customers say
John Fenley

I have to say, Dealing with AFIT and Michael has been a pleasure. You and your team are on top of everything every step of the way. I greatly appreciate your help and being associated with a group of people so thorough. Great Job,

Tom Crane
Crestwood, Illinois

“An instrument rating makes you a better pilot” I was told by many aviators. I was having trouble fitting the additional training into my schedule. I read an ad in an aviation magazine about AFIT and was more than intrigued. After a little more research I decided to immerse myself in my instrument training. I scheduled a block of ten days and committed myself to the training.

Their trainer, a 8,000 hour plus pilot, and I formed a fast friendship and I learned about more than just instrument flying during those ten days. I passed my check ride with confidence. Now I am a better and SAFER pilot, thanks to AFIT.

I recommend them to everyone!

Marty Sprinzen
Santa Monica, California

Well – I did it. Ron is a very nice guy and put in a great effort – as well as me. He knows all aspects of instrument flying. I felt very safe and comfortable with him. He also setup my checkride in a way that helped me succeed (a meeting and Q’s for the DE). He did a great job of training me. Thanks you, I am a very’ satisfied customer.

Robert A.Benson
McAlester, Oklahoma

My training was completed with achievement of a successful IFR checkride! Thanks for your program. I want to let you know I very much appreciated Ron for his commitment and efforts to help me. I would recommend AFIT and Ron very highly.

Tom Dolan
Northport, New York

Tony, I would like to thank you for arranging the Ten Day Instrument Course. I had over the years, attempted to start my instrument training several times before, only to let it slip away as a thought in the back of my mind. Now having 20 years on the Nassau County Police Department and starting the Homeland Security Business after being at the 9-11 WTC site I decided it was time to complete my flight training. The course was scheduled to coincide with my vacation, so I could attempt to get what I thought was an unobtainable rating due to the mystifying nature of the instrument rating, work and things that always seemed to arise. I decided the only way to get my rating was to do it in the shortest amount of time, thus the choice to use AFIT seemed to be the only logical choice. You set me up with an instructor whom you thought would be best suited for my needs, Mark A.

Mark and I spoke several times on the phone prior to beginning the training, we hit it off well (found out he also has a Law Enforcement background). He believed that with the majority of my flight experience in helicopters (in an airline and in law enforcement) with a few hundred hours in airplanes that I would accomplish my goal in only 6 days! The course was adjusted to reflect a 6-day time frame, however I still blocked out 10 days for the rating! The next change in the course came about when I tried to schedule an aircraft here on Long Island, New York. Most FBOs would only rent me an aircraft if their instructors would train me, citing clauses in their insurance policies. Mark made the suggestion to train near him in the St.Louis area, where AFIT had an aircraft available at a very reasonable rate compared to New York prices. We then made all the necessary arrangements. I still thought that 6 days was a rather aggressive task, but by total immersing myself in the instrument course could only help me to achieve my goal.

I arrived in St.Louis on Monday, late in the day, Mark picked me up at my hotel and we immediately got started. The hardest part of the exam for me would be the oral, which Mark did a great job of de-mystifying any doubts that I had on our daily drives to and from the airport. Once airborne, Mark polished my strong points and keyed in on what needed the most attention to make those maneuvers shine also. To my amazement, my Sunday morning check-ride went off with out a hitch, successfully obtaining my instrument ticket. However, I still had 4 additional days booked, Mark then helped me to begin my Instrument Helicopter add-on training that same day, through contacts he had in the area. By Wednesday morning, I successfully passed my helicopter instrument add-on with the same check-pilot, just in time to catch my flight home that afternoon.

It was a pleasure doing business with AFIT and flying with Mark. The course proved to be valuable with Mark arranging things so I could completely concentrate on my training, which ended with the successful gaining of my instrument rating. If you have any potential students requiring information on your program, I would be happy to speak with them regarding my experience with AFIT on your behalf. Thanks again.

Mike Montgomery
Fenton, Missouri

Sorry this letter has taken me so long to get written. I just wanted you to know Ron was a pleasure to work with. He was able to stay calm no matter how frustrated I was getting. After working with him for 6 days I was able to take my checkride and pass. Thank you both for the help.

Rick Elliott
Florence Alabama

You were right about Ron, He was great!, an awesome instructor and extremely knowledgeable. I learned a great deal more than just IFR training. I was also able to finish up in eight days. Thanks for everything, It’s nice to do business with a company that stands behind their service. Well done.

Evan Dick
Merritt Island, Florida

Bill E. was very flexible with his time, and allowed me to devote most of my training in the air since I felt the knowledge portion I had well covered prior to his arrival. Despite us scheduling 9 days, Bill leveraged off my prior experience and mainly focused on the areas I needed improvement on. Because of that, we were able to finish earlier than expected. In fact we built up all the instrument time I needed in the first 5 days. By the 6th day, we had done approaches in well over 20 airports in Florida and we were both feeling very comfortable I would pass my practical, so we took the 7th day off to visit Sun-and-Fun. I took my check-ride on the 8th day and passed despite having conditions the examiner said he would normally not go up in [eg 30 knot crosswind for the practice ILS, and a lot of turbulence for doing the maneuvers]. The examiner even called me up later that evening and told me how impressed he was that I was able to do those approaches given the conditions.

Anyway, that left me completely free on the 9th day, which I spent with my family and relaxed before having to go back to work. I don’t think it would have been possible to complete my training this quickly if it wasn’t for the patience and experience that Bill possessed. He was willing to fly with me for over 6 hours some days and his gentle, upbeat tone kept me learning that whole time.

I had two other instrument instructors before Bill, but I knew it would take a long time to finish my instruction with them. I learned you are much better off with an instructor who has the experience of training hundreds of instrument pilots rather than trying to become the 3rd or 4th student of a younger instructor.

I recommend AFIT without reservations.

Tom Leonard
Glen Allen, Virginia

It’s hard to believe I have been signed off and finally have my instrument rating. The truth is, ever since I started flying years ago I’ve suffered and worried about being stuck someplace. Frankly, it took a lot of fun out of flying for me.

I can remember years ago someone suggesting I take a weekend crash course to pass the written. I did, learned little, passed the test, became busy at work, you can guess the rest of the story. With my business and family growing fast it seems I never had the time to get my instrument rating.

One cloudy day I watched as my friend in the hanger next to me loaded his wife in his plane for a weekend get away. That was the straw that broke the camels back for me.

My personal friend Miles as well as Richard at “Mooneyland” told me about AFIT and suggested I give you a call. After talking it over with my wife, I decided to give it a try. It was a big step taking 10 days off from work, not to mention once your instructor

Ron arrived, we did over 40 hours of flying and another 40 hours of ground. Ron worked my tail off that’s for sure and I enjoyed every minute. I have never worked with an instructor that has so much knowledge and patience, not to mention, Ron was a genuinly nice and sincere genltemen.

It took a few days to sort things out once I returned back to work 2 weeks later, but guess what …. I passed the check ride first time up, and just like you promised Tony, I have my IFR rating now. It was a pleasure having the chance to work with you and all the folks at AFIT. Well done, and thank you.

Leigh Gunn
Sacramento, California

I had a great experience with Mark – he is a very good instructor. By the time the checkride came, it was almost routine. The training was harder than the checkride! Mark was very thorough and patient and I feel like I learned a great deal. I was very prepared for the checkride, and feel that I am ready to begin flying in IMC conditions.

I am very pleased with the AFIT program and would happily recommend it to anyone else.

Nat Rich
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ed was a pleasure to work with, extremely knowledgeable and a great instructor. I guess it comes from 18 years as a flight instructor? That’s not a very easy job I don’t think. I passed the checkride on my first attempt and couldn’t be more pleased. I told Ed my goal would be to see him again soon to work on the commercial license. Thanks for all your help, AFIT was the perfect choice for me.

Glenn Huelskamp
Indianapolis, Indiana

Had a great training session. Ed was helpful, proficient, and professional. Since I already had my Instrument Rating, Ed was able to tailor the program to fit my needs. He evaluated my strengths and weaknesses then put together a syllabus that maximized our time together. I feel extremely confident flying in the “System”.

Jack Hannigan
Irvine, California

I just wanted to let you know how satisified I am with the IFR training I just had. He has just the right combination of teaching style and forcefullness needed to teach an old student like me. I cannot stress enopugh how happy I am with his help. I felt qualified to pass the Oral and Practical tests after only six days. The rest was just honing my new found IFR skills. Thats remarkable.

Dr. John J. Rusek
West Lafayette, Indiana

I wanted to write you this note to express my profound gratitude to the folks at AFIT and your instructor Ed for an exceptionally good course. I started my instrument training in 1992 at the Aero Club at Edwards Air Force Base. The motivation was to be a better, more precise pilot; the weather in the high desert was generally severe clear, so there was never an urgency. I’m a professor in Aero/Astro at Purdue University, own my own business, and now live in the Midwest. I had about 30 hours of instrument training, finished my cross countries, however, my last logged time was in 1998. You were able to assess that five days would be sufficient to hone my skills.

I averaged 6.5 hours of Hobb’s time per day in the Cessna 182Q Five days later I was essentially ready to take my check ride. I confidently took my oral, and followed that with a very smooth check ride. I recommend your methods without hesitation to anyone who wants to become a better pilot, and wants to get their certificates or ratings in the most efficient manner.

Ross Wycoff
Georgetown, Texas

Our hard work has paid off immensely in the achievement of a goal I have had for a long time, obtaining my Instrument Rating. The education I received through your teaching, both practical and simulated was invaluable in helping me succeed. I appreciate the extra time you put forth to insure a positive and comfortable learning environment. I look forward to utilizing my instrument ticket. I will be contacting you in the near future to work towards my commercial rating. Thanks again. You and the folks at AFIT did a wonderful job and it’s greatly appreciated.

Ian Greenstreet

I really had a wonderful experience flying with Bill E. and I was delighted to have the opportunity to benefit from his many years of experience as well as his wisdom and views. He was able to instil a disciplined and cautious approach to flying with an emphasis on safety which was excellent.

It certainly makes a tremendous difference when an instructor is able to command the complete confidence of his pupil- this he clearly did , so much so, that when the opportunity presents itself again, I will return to the USA for additional training, provided I have him as a flight instructor.

Thank-you for your help.

Terry Carroll
South Lake Tahoe, California

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the training I received from AFIT. Bill E. was always focused and made sure I understood the subject, which ultimately made sure I would pass the exam. It was great training with an instructor with such experience and knowledge. Thanks again!

Cliff Hoover
Arlington, Texas

The IFR training was great. Bill E. was a great teacher, very patient and knowledgeable with a lot of experience. I really enjoyed working with him! Thanks for everything! I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

If you need a reference in Texas, you have them contact me, anytime.

Mark Stefanov
Georgetown, Texas

I wanted to let you know, Bill E. was a great instructor with whom to work. He helped me to remember things that I had stored somewhere lost in my brain. I was prepared for the check ride. The oral, and flight portion times, indicated that I was well’ prepared. They both went swiftly compared to what I expected. I now have a license to continue learning.

Thanks Tony, It was hard and intense, but worth it!

Tim Fitzgerald
San Antonio, Texas

Thank you! I apologize for the delay in responding, but I’ve been a bit busy after being away for a week. I very much enjoyed working with Bill E. He’s very knowledgeable and offered me a practical approach to instrument instruction that was quite helpful. His study suggestions were also beneficial in preparing me for the oral examination, on which I did better than I expected I would. AFIT certainly proved to be the best choice for me. Thanks again for helping me obtain my instrument rating!

Devyn G. Damore
Wyomissing, PA

Hi Tony, Thank you for your help in accomplishing my IFR rating. Everything went exceptionally well, both with my training and the test. Bill E. is a very knowledgeable and patient instructor. Justin and I both enjoyed the program and the time Bill spent with us. Thanks again.

Joseph Cammarata
Manalapan, New Jersey

I wanted to say thank you for everything, I passed my checkride in the Cirrus SR-22 and did just fine. Ed was great to work with and an excellent instructor.

Dr.Robert A. Muggia
Andover, Massachusetts

The training with Mark was Fun and was worthwhile. Thanks again.

Randy Auer
Mesa, Arizona

I certainly learned a lot. Ed was a great instructor and the design of the course was well thought out. I would be happy to recommend your training and especially Ed to anyone wanting to get their instrument rating as they will get the rating and a comprehensive education on how to fly more safely and efficiently. Thanks again,

Charlie Sisk

I just passed my checkride, what a great feeling ! Using AFIT was the only way for me, I could train on “my ” schedule, worked out fine. Can’t say enough good things about my instructor Ralph, an excellent pilot and teacher. Using AFIT, I learned to fly IFR, not just pass the checkride. Anyone who is serious about getting an IR, should give you a call. Or call me, I’ll tell ’em straight up.

Matthew Shifrin
Fayetteville, North Carolina

I just successfully completed the 10 Day IFR course with AFIT and it was quite an experience. My instructor, Ralph, was extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout the entire course. He had the ability to bring it all together and make sense as only a seasoned instructor could. Ralph did not train me to pass the checkride, but to operate and survive in a real world IFR environment. I would not hesitate to the utilize the services of AFIT again; your company and its instructors are first rate and deliver as advertised.

Please feel free to use me as a reference for any potential customers.

Jeffrey Watson
Bellefontaine, Ohio

Ed’s a great guy. I really feel like he’s what I needed. I am “very” happy with your service. Thanks for making it happen Tony. I really appreciate it.

Thanks again!!!

Carlos Vera
Lackawanna, New York

I really enjoyed working with Eric in St. George, Utah. His teaching methods were practical and easy, We also flew very nice airplanes.

Thank you Tony.

Casey Lenox
Phoenix, Arizona

The rating could not have happened without AFIT… least not in the same time frame. It was clear after one flight with Ed that I needed a lot of “polishing” even after 30 hours with another instructor. Because I was a bit farther behind that I recognized I was concerned that just 6 days would be enough but Ed did a super job of teaching and focused on the areas that were needed most. Thanks again and I’m sure I’ll be in touch for refreshers.

John Knight
Prescott, Arizona

I just wanted to express my satisfaction with the instrument training that I received from AFIT. The training was conducted exactly as promised and not only did I pass my checkride with confidence, but I feel proficient as an instrument pilot. Ed, my instructor, made the instrument instructional materials easy to grasp and provided ‘real world application’ of the material in the cockpit. At the end of the course the instrument environment was comfortable for me and I navigated through it with confidence. I intend to file most of my flights IFR.

Thank you for delivering as promised!

Tony Reck

My flight training experience with AFIT was great. As you probably already know Ed and I got along very well and kept the mood on the light side, thus less stress for both of us. We used our time productively. Ed’s years of experience and overall knowledge really did help me. I would recommend AFIT and Ed to anybody.


Robert Sledge
Sunflower, Mississippi

I had a great experience with Ron. He is a great pilot and talented instructor. His experience level allows him to pass on many items beyond what is required to “just pass minimum requirements”. He was proficient with all my equipment and showed me many things I did not know. We were able to work some items with my autopilot that I had never known, i.e. capturing a glide slope on a WAAS approach. I feel like I completed much more than just a BFR and IPC. I would recommend AFIT and Ron to anyone.

Thanks for all your help.

Ralph Mailloux
Manhattan Beach, California

After researching numerous training options that would provide me the highest level of competency and confidence with my new Piper Saratoga II TC, there was no better solution than AFIT. My instructor, John, was thorough, punctual, professional and also a really nice guy. We flew my new aircraft from Baltimore, Maryland to Los Angeles, California which provided me, a zero time complex and high-performance pilot, a great learning environment and opportunity. Thanks for all of your assistance and I will certainly recommend your program to all of my pilot friends.

Jerry Partlow
Winchester, Virginia

Just wanted to take a moment and say thanks to AFIT and John for helping me obtain my Instrument Rating, on the first try.

I acquired a new Skylane 182 in 2005 with the intent of obtaining my instrument rating so that I could be more efficient in the business use of the airplane. I would occasionally do a couple of hours of training and get motivated to finish, however, something always seemed to interrupt the process and with each new motivation came the reality of starting over again.

A pilot friend suggested that I go through an intensive 10 day session and get the process over with. That seemed fine to me, however, having to leave home and business for an extended period was not very appealing to me. I came across AFIT where you send the instructor to my location and decided to go for it.

I scheduled the 10 day course and chatted with John my instructor a couple of times along the way. When John and I met for the first time at the airport, he put me at ease and I became comfortable with him very quickly.

After our introductory session, we went on our first flight and did some approaches. My overwhelming thought on that first ride was that there was “no way” I was going to be able to do this. You can imagine my surprise when we discussed our first flight and John said, “you’re going to do just fine.”

Over the next few days, things started coming together and by the end of the first week, my attitude had gone from “I can’t do this” to “It will be hard but I can do it.” In the last few days, things really came together and my confidence level went up considerably.

When the check ride was scheduled, we met the examiner, did the oral and went to the airplane with much anticipation. Weather conditions were not ideal for the check ride but they were safe. After doing some maneuvers but before the execution of the first approach, the examiner commented that “someone has taught you well.” From there, with my confidence boosted, the check ride was one of the most pleasant flying experiences that I have ever had. I had complete control of the system and the approaches were “easy.” I knew I would pass the check ride during the ride and recognized that I was indeed well prepared.

Summarily, I would recommend AFIT and John without reservation. John and I became friends, he is a great teacher, an outstanding pilot and I never felt unsafe when I was with him. The training was very demanding but he always knew when to back off and he was always accommodating to my requests when I needed a bit of space. This is the “only” way I could have ever achieved my IFR rating and getting the ticket was certainly a “top 10” event for me. My ability to use the airplane and make life easier for my traveling experiences and business was well worth the time and investment. Thank you.

Mike Simms
Los Angeles, California

I wanted to follow up with you about my training. From beginning to end, your company was straight forward and easy to work with. It took the intimidating IFR training process, which some pilots told me was more difficult than getting their private, and made it seamless and enjoyable. Bill was top notch. His ample experience not only helped me understand the material, but also gave me a broader picture on how to use my certificate once I received it. If he could have only been a nicer guy, I might recommend him to other pilots. All kidding aside, Bill deserves a raise and a promotion to your top instructor, if he isn’t already. I would certainly recommend AFIT and Bill to any instrument rating seeking pilot.

Jonathan Murray
Hudson, North Carolina

I had a great time working with Ron. I wouldn’t have wanted to do my training with anyone else. He is very knowledgeable and 100% safety oriented which is very important to me. We did many things that other instructor’s wouldn’t have ventured on, such as complicated approaches etc., which I think is great because that puts me ahead. I feel very confident in myself to fly IFR, and I most certainly attribute that to my training. I have already filed 2 flights and was in IMC both times. I feel like I also acquired a friend that I can stay in touch with and contact if I ever have a question which is also a plus. I am very pleased with AFIT and my training with Ron, he is very flexible and very polite and explains things very well. I thank you for your services and I will be in touch with you in the future.

Feel free to use me as a reference at any time. Thanks again.

Tony Westbrooks
Olla, Louisiana

I Passed my check ride just like you said I would and had a great time learning the system. Hal is a true professional and takes his job very serious. We had a good time together and I am Looking forward to working with him again in the future. Thanks for everything.

Harry Drajpuch
Scranton, PA

The AFIT program is a great experience. It was a pleasure working with you guys and Hal was absolutely superb. I would recommend the program and Hal to any pilot seriously considering this method of training. I look forward to continue working together.

Best Regards.

Jeffrey P. Schneiderman
Saint Louis, Missouri

Bill was every bit as good as you said and the some. But I am sure you already new that. Thanks for everything.

Craig Shumock
Mobile, Alabama

I enjoyed Ed’s instruction and patience during our training sessions. Our training was not during the coolest days in the Southeast, however we did get some low cloud conditions and thundershowers for actual IFR flight time. Ed never complained about the hot conditions and kept the training interesting and flexible.

Now I am enjoying flying IFR and cheaper insurance premiums.

Thanks AFIT!

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