What our customers say
Randy Auer
Mesa, Arizona

I certainly learned a lot. Ed was a great instructor and the design of the course was well thought out. I would be happy to recommend your training and especially Ed to anyone wanting to get their instrument rating as they will get the rating and a comprehensive education on how to fly more safely and efficiently. Thanks again,

Charlie Sisk

I just passed my checkride, what a great feeling ! Using AFIT was the only way for me, I could train on “my ” schedule, worked out fine. Can’t say enough good things about my instructor Ralph, an excellent pilot and teacher. Using AFIT, I learned to fly IFR, not just pass the checkride. Anyone who is serious about getting an IR, should give you a call. Or call me, I’ll tell ’em straight up.

Matthew Shifrin
Fayetteville, North Carolina

I just successfully completed the 10 Day IFR course with AFIT and it was quite an experience. My instructor, Ralph, was extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout the entire course. He had the ability to bring it all together and make sense as only a seasoned instructor could. Ralph did not train me to pass the checkride, but to operate and survive in a real world IFR environment. I would not hesitate to the utilize the services of AFIT again; your company and its instructors are first rate and deliver as advertised.

Please feel free to use me as a reference for any potential customers.

Jeffrey Watson
Bellefontaine, Ohio

Ed’s a great guy. I really feel like he’s what I needed. I am “very” happy with your service. Thanks for making it happen Tony. I really appreciate it.

Thanks again!!!

Carlos Vera
Lackawanna, New York

I really enjoyed working with Eric in St. George, Utah. His teaching methods were practical and easy, We also flew very nice airplanes.

Thank you Tony.

Casey Lenox
Phoenix, Arizona

The rating could not have happened without AFIT… least not in the same time frame. It was clear after one flight with Ed that I needed a lot of “polishing” even after 30 hours with another instructor. Because I was a bit farther behind that I recognized I was concerned that just 6 days would be enough but Ed did a super job of teaching and focused on the areas that were needed most. Thanks again and I’m sure I’ll be in touch for refreshers.

John Knight
Prescott, Arizona

I just wanted to express my satisfaction with the instrument training that I received from AFIT. The training was conducted exactly as promised and not only did I pass my checkride with confidence, but I feel proficient as an instrument pilot. Ed, my instructor, made the instrument instructional materials easy to grasp and provided ‘real world application’ of the material in the cockpit. At the end of the course the instrument environment was comfortable for me and I navigated through it with confidence. I intend to file most of my flights IFR.

Thank you for delivering as promised!

Tony Reck

My flight training experience with AFIT was great. As you probably already know Ed and I got along very well and kept the mood on the light side, thus less stress for both of us. We used our time productively. Ed’s years of experience and overall knowledge really did help me. I would recommend AFIT and Ed to anybody.


Robert Sledge
Sunflower, Mississippi

I had a great experience with Ron. He is a great pilot and talented instructor. His experience level allows him to pass on many items beyond what is required to “just pass minimum requirements”. He was proficient with all my equipment and showed me many things I did not know. We were able to work some items with my autopilot that I had never known, i.e. capturing a glide slope on a WAAS approach. I feel like I completed much more than just a BFR and IPC. I would recommend AFIT and Ron to anyone.

Thanks for all your help.

Ralph Mailloux
Manhattan Beach, California

After researching numerous training options that would provide me the highest level of competency and confidence with my new Piper Saratoga II TC, there was no better solution than AFIT. My instructor, John, was thorough, punctual, professional and also a really nice guy. We flew my new aircraft from Baltimore, Maryland to Los Angeles, California which provided me, a zero time complex and high-performance pilot, a great learning environment and opportunity. Thanks for all of your assistance and I will certainly recommend your program to all of my pilot friends.

Jerry Partlow
Winchester, Virginia

Just wanted to take a moment and say thanks to AFIT and John for helping me obtain my Instrument Rating, on the first try.

I acquired a new Skylane 182 in 2005 with the intent of obtaining my instrument rating so that I could be more efficient in the business use of the airplane. I would occasionally do a couple of hours of training and get motivated to finish, however, something always seemed to interrupt the process and with each new motivation came the reality of starting over again.

A pilot friend suggested that I go through an intensive 10 day session and get the process over with. That seemed fine to me, however, having to leave home and business for an extended period was not very appealing to me. I came across AFIT where you send the instructor to my location and decided to go for it.

I scheduled the 10 day course and chatted with John my instructor a couple of times along the way. When John and I met for the first time at the airport, he put me at ease and I became comfortable with him very quickly.

After our introductory session, we went on our first flight and did some approaches. My overwhelming thought on that first ride was that there was “no way” I was going to be able to do this. You can imagine my surprise when we discussed our first flight and John said, “you’re going to do just fine.”

Over the next few days, things started coming together and by the end of the first week, my attitude had gone from “I can’t do this” to “It will be hard but I can do it.” In the last few days, things really came together and my confidence level went up considerably.

When the check ride was scheduled, we met the examiner, did the oral and went to the airplane with much anticipation. Weather conditions were not ideal for the check ride but they were safe. After doing some maneuvers but before the execution of the first approach, the examiner commented that “someone has taught you well.” From there, with my confidence boosted, the check ride was one of the most pleasant flying experiences that I have ever had. I had complete control of the system and the approaches were “easy.” I knew I would pass the check ride during the ride and recognized that I was indeed well prepared.

Summarily, I would recommend AFIT and John without reservation. John and I became friends, he is a great teacher, an outstanding pilot and I never felt unsafe when I was with him. The training was very demanding but he always knew when to back off and he was always accommodating to my requests when I needed a bit of space. This is the “only” way I could have ever achieved my IFR rating and getting the ticket was certainly a “top 10” event for me. My ability to use the airplane and make life easier for my traveling experiences and business was well worth the time and investment. Thank you.

Mike Simms
Los Angeles, California

I wanted to follow up with you about my training. From beginning to end, your company was straight forward and easy to work with. It took the intimidating IFR training process, which some pilots told me was more difficult than getting their private, and made it seamless and enjoyable. Bill was top notch. His ample experience not only helped me understand the material, but also gave me a broader picture on how to use my certificate once I received it. If he could have only been a nicer guy, I might recommend him to other pilots. All kidding aside, Bill deserves a raise and a promotion to your top instructor, if he isn’t already. I would certainly recommend AFIT and Bill to any instrument rating seeking pilot.

Jonathan Murray
Hudson, North Carolina

I had a great time working with Ron. I wouldn’t have wanted to do my training with anyone else. He is very knowledgeable and 100% safety oriented which is very important to me. We did many things that other instructor’s wouldn’t have ventured on, such as complicated approaches etc., which I think is great because that puts me ahead. I feel very confident in myself to fly IFR, and I most certainly attribute that to my training. I have already filed 2 flights and was in IMC both times. I feel like I also acquired a friend that I can stay in touch with and contact if I ever have a question which is also a plus. I am very pleased with AFIT and my training with Ron, he is very flexible and very polite and explains things very well. I thank you for your services and I will be in touch with you in the future.

Feel free to use me as a reference at any time. Thanks again.

Tony Westbrooks
Olla, Louisiana

I Passed my check ride just like you said I would and had a great time learning the system. Hal is a true professional and takes his job very serious. We had a good time together and I am Looking forward to working with him again in the future. Thanks for everything.

Harry Drajpuch
Scranton, PA

The AFIT program is a great experience. It was a pleasure working with you guys and Hal was absolutely superb. I would recommend the program and Hal to any pilot seriously considering this method of training. I look forward to continue working together.

Best Regards.

Jeffrey P. Schneiderman
Saint Louis, Missouri

Bill was every bit as good as you said and the some. But I am sure you already new that. Thanks for everything.

Craig Shumock
Mobile, Alabama

I enjoyed Ed’s instruction and patience during our training sessions. Our training was not during the coolest days in the Southeast, however we did get some low cloud conditions and thundershowers for actual IFR flight time. Ed never complained about the hot conditions and kept the training interesting and flexible.

Now I am enjoying flying IFR and cheaper insurance premiums.

Thanks AFIT!

Race Ritchie
Odessa, Texas

I had a great experience with Bill and it went vey well. I feel he is a excellent instructor and he really cares about his students understanding of the material. It was a very good experience and I would definitely do it again. “I PASSED THE CHECKRIDE WITH FLYING COLORS”. Bill incorporates good stories into his teaching to keep it from being dull and mundane.

I would definitely recommend you services. Thanks again

Max Kay
Torrance, California

John was very thorough and knowledgeable. He is a very nice gentleman to work with. I passed my check ride which I was very happy about.

I enjoyed working with John and I feel like I learned a lot.

Doug Saylors
Doug Saylors

I cannot say enough about this course! Entering the program I had a lot of background but could not seem to tie it all together. In addition, I had not done any instrument work in almost 6 months. Too many interruptions, not enough instructors and a job which kept me on the road conspired against me.

After struggling for over a year to complete my IFR rating, Bill helped me gain the knowledge and skills required to pass my checkride in only 10 days. More importantly, he allowed me to build the confidence and proficiency necessary to know I am a competent pilot in instrument conditions. Bill is a great instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

See you when I get started on my Commercial ticket!

Kristofor R. Behn
Boston, Massachusetts

Thanks so much for your support in the pursuit of my instrument rating. Like most of the students you talk with, I had earned my private pilot license through a very frustrating one step forward two steps back approach with four different instructors that I didn’t wish to repeat as I embarked on the journey to attain instrument proficiency. From the first time we spoke six months ago, I was convinced that once I had my instrument written under my belt AFIT had the instructors to mold me into a safe and proficient instrument pilot.

Ed was a terrific instructor. Ed was very patient while I learned from his nearly 10,000 hours of experience. Ed’s teaching background enabled him to productively convey the complex concepts associated with the rating. He’s a real asset to your organization. Also, the ten day instrument program is perfectly aligned with the instrument subject matter and the consistency of flying every day allowed me to master skills that I will use each time I fly IFR or VFR. I will recommend AFIT to anyone that is serious about attaining their instrument rating.

Thanks again!

Jerry Swerczek
Tallahassee, Florida

I thoroughly enjoyed my training. Hal’s patience and knowledge still astound me. I came to AFIT to get good instruction and it exceeded my expectations 10 fold! Hal’s attention to detail and calmness really makes the learning experience a delight.

p.s. if you want to use me as a reference you can bet both You and Hal will get a glowing reference should you need it.. Thanks.

Rogerio M. Teixeira
Hackensack, New Jersey

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for sending Bill to train me for my instrument rating. Bill is a great instructor, very energetic and very knowledgeable, and also a very pleasant individual.

Pavel Lukes
Taos, NM

Once again, I would like to thank you for your expert instructions laden with years of knowledge, of many aspects of the flying business.

Your course is as advertised and better, an experience shared by one of AFIT students in the recent article in the AOPA magazine. It requires a total immersion with no distractions, one reason why I chose to come to you rather than have you come to my home town, a place where most of my distractions reside as well. With much of my initial self-doubt it was your encouragement throughout the course combined with prioritizing my weak points which ultimately lead to the successful passing of the check ride on a first attempt. Your dedication to the common cause of having me to pass no matter what it took was too, just another testimonial to your integrity and commitment to my success. I for one take great pride and satisfaction of not becoming the cause of lowering your success rate of having your students pass on a first attempt. You deserved no less. In the end my rewards were my new instrument rating, new friendship and the prospect and desire to pursue commercial and multi-engine ratings. All thanks to you.

John Toman
Chantilly, VA

It was a true pleasure working with AFIT as I worked through my goal of Instrument Certification. The Instrument ticket was something that I had been aspiring to accomplish since I first completed my Private Pilot training back in 1996. With the demands of running a small business and traveling a great deal, it became clear that the traditional extended training approach with a local instructor wasn’t going to get me the results I wanted anytime soon. I had read a couple articles about the Advanced Flight Training options and was very impressed with the successful history AFIT had with turning VFR pilots into highly capable instrument pilots.

After talking with you and reading the glowing recommendations from former students it was clear that AFIT had the capabilities and proven success to make what I thought was impossible into a reality in just 10 days.

As the days grew closer to start my training, the anxiety increased and concerns about being able to make it all work became a bit overwhelming. These concerns rapidly faded after the first couple hours in the air. My instructor instilled great confidence in me and made the flying experience as comfortable as possible. The first day was straight into IMC conditions and was certainly an eye opener to say the least. This wasn’t a negative experience but actually showed me early on in the training what was to be expected and what the possibilities of skilled IFR training can do for a former VFR pilot.

We spent the next couple days flying a variety of different routes and approaches throughout the mid-Atlantic in all sorts of conditions, including rain, sleet and snow. I was taught how to fly safely and identify these negative weather conditions before they adversely affected the flight and how to take corrective actions if something did go wrong.

My instructor is an amazing pilot and gracious instructor who has taught me the necessary skills to fly safely in IMC conditions with a much stronger level of confidence then I would have likely developed flying a mix of simulated approaches and completed training without the benefits of actual IFR conditions.

One lasting statement from my instructor which made a real impression on me was that with the IFR Certification comes great responsibility to maintain my skills and should be considered a “license to learn”. I think that is an important statement for all freshly minted IFR pilots to continue to develop and expand upon the training that was received.

Rick Gove
Mira Loma, California

I just wanted to pass on that I really enjoyed learning under Ed. If I had it to do over, I would have scheduled the entire training with AFIT and never have wasted my time with the other company. Doing so would have been much more efficient and I am sure would have made me a better pilot. As it was, Ed did in four days what I have been trying to accomplish in 3 months – and the examiner was effusive with his compliments on this second check ride after failing me 10 days ago. I have learned my lesson – my next rating will be through AFIT. Thanks for your help, your quick and courteous response time, and meeting my exact needs. And thanks to Ed for his consummate patience.

Martin P. Detloff
Houston, Texas

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that Bill did to get me ready for the instrument check ride. Bill is a very knowledgeable instructor and an excellent teacher. I had a very tight time window to complete the training, and the weather made it quite a challenge. Bill’s quiet confidence throughout was a big help in getting it done.

Thanks again.

Jules Ryan Watson
Niwot, Colorado

I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to A.F.I.T. and my instructor John. I successfully passed my instrument rating without a single problem. My entire experience was fantastic. If there is anything that could have been done better I do not know what it would be. John was extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of aviation, including weather, maintenance, regulations, systems, etc… John was extremely easy to work with and as I move forward with training he (AFIT) will be the first person I call.

The course was very intensive and after I received my rating all I wanted to do was take a nap. However, I would not do the training in any other way. By the end I was extremely comfortable with all aspects of the rating as well as all aspects of my airplane. In fact, after my check-ride my examiner commented on how comfortable I was throughout the flight. This can only be attributed to the course design and the incredible quality of instruction I received from John. I will not hesitate to recommend A.F.I.T. and John in the future.

Randall B. Low
Antlers, Oklahoma

I took and passed my check ride yesterday. Once again I would like to thank you, Bill and AFIT for a Great training experience. I will certainly recommend Bill and AFIT to others.

Martin Wood
Poway, California

I passed the Instrument Oral and Practical test this past Wednesday. Legal at last, and also extremely safe and confident.

Thanks for your help.

Mark Herriott, O.D.

I’m very satisfied with the training particularly in regards to being able to tailor it to my specific needs and schedule. In the big scheme of things I view all training as an attempt to never risk safety for passengers or myself. In the back of my mind I know I will always be a “weekend pilot” and I can’t let my guard down as when it comes to ongoing currency and training. I think we scored an A+ in these areas.

Robert A. Reay
Fairfield, California

Cholena was great. I really appreciated her patience and knowledge. She was quite a refreshing take on flight instructors because I have had a few rather rude ones. I had to get my pilots license this month for my Air Force Pilot’s application.

I can’t thank Cholena and AFIT enough for helping me complete my process. Great Job….

John Adams

Thank you for helping me complete my Private Pilot License. As you know I had been working on this for years and my previous instructors just kept telling me how hard the practical was going to be and for the oral I had to know “everything”. So, thanks for helping me focus on the key important items and getting me through my oral & practical in such short time. You made it happen despite two scheduling changes and Northern California midwinter weather.

I appreciate your teaching skills, enthusiasm and sense of humor. Thank you for all your hard work!

Marvin L. Solomiany, Esq
Atlanta, Georgia

14 Day Private Pilot Training In My Cirrus SR-22

Imagine wanting to obtain your private license in a high performance plane, like a Cirrus SR22. Imagine everyone telling you that you are crazy to do it in such a plane in such a short period of time. Well, I can tell you that it can be done, because I did it. And but for AFIT my desire to quickly obtain my private pilot license in an SR22 would not have become a reality. John was beyond an exceptional instructor. He was both tough on me, but also extremely understanding and patient during my training process. While many people may have doubts about accelerated training, I cannot see another way to do learn how to fly. It was so important for me to go through the daily repetition of flying, that after the first 4 days it was as easy as just getting into my car.  Tony was extremely helpful as well in accommodating my busy schedule as a trial attorney that often sees many unexpected changes because of trials and deadlines. In addition, Tony was honest in sharing with me some of the challenges I would face in training in such a high performance plane. My experience with AFIT was a 10/10 and I highly recommend this to everyone who desires to learn how to fly.


Marvin L. Solomiany, Esq.
Kessler & Solomiany, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Mike Watts
Phoenix, AZ


I enjoyed training with Bill E.  The training was intense, but it is just what I needed due to my schedule, and I got through the check ride making me a safer and more knowledgeable instrument rated pilot. 

I would recommend Bill and AFIT to anyone wanting an instrument license. Bill was enjoyable to be around with his positive attitude about everything. 

I wish you continued success with your company and your training program.


Mike Watts
Executive Chairman/Founder
Sunstate Equipment Co., LLC
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Dr. David W. Farnsworth
Lubbock, Texas


I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how impressed I was with your course.  John is an excellent instructor and I am very happy with the experience I received and my training. I will most likely be in touch for an instrument rating in the future. 


Dr. David W. Farnsworth
Lubbock, Texas 79423

Tom Lerum
Los Angeles, California

14 Day Private Pilot Course  / C172 with G1000

Hi Tony, John,

I just wanted to say thank you for the professional and educational experience that you provided through AFIT’s Private Pilot program!  I am still shocked that I was able to accomplish my PPL in 14 days!!!  I could not have done it without Tony’s expert coordination and John’s incredible instruction.  I really appreciated John’s teaching style and am grateful for how patient and insightful he is.  He was always able to communicate things to me in a way that I understood, and gave me helpful tips for how to apply what I was learning in a practical way.  While there was a lot to learn, I never felt behind and I always felt like I was getting the best instruction.  I had started trying to get my PPL a year ago with another flight school, but scheduling a plane and instructor after work was challenging, and the training felt so slow.  I only accomplished four hours of flying before I had to quit due to a hectic work schedule.  When I heard about AFIT, I knew this was the program for me.  It was definitely worth it to take two weeks off work and knock all of the training out in an accelerated manner. 

This was the perfect solution for me, and I am excited to come back and get my instrument rating!  I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about becoming a pilot and wants to do so in a timely manner.  

Thanks again, and Blue Skies!

Tom Lerum
Los Angeles, California

Josh Gilmore
Sterling, Kansas

10 Day IFR Training In My C182Q with G1000 


My flight training with John was a great challenge and very enjoyable.  John is incredibly knowledgeable about instrument flying and avionics, but also has a very relaxed approach to teaching.  He was flexible in scheduling the training to start at my home airport, and after a couple of days relocate to beautiful Boulder to finish up.  John doesn’t just “teach to the test,” instead making sure I understood the reasons for doing things a certain way and holding me to a high standard.  Our time together was a lot of work, but I never felt like I was overwhelmed.  Best of all, I’m now an instrument-rated pilot and I feel my skills are better than ever, in or out of the clouds. 

Thanks to AFIT and John for helping me reach my goal!   

Josh Gilmore
President – Gilmore Solutions
Sterling, Kansas

Viacheslav Semenov
Costa Mesa, California

My 10 Day Instrument Training 

I always thought that getting an instrument rating was very hard work and it requires a lot of knowledge, practice and patience. It does, but it all depends on the school and your instructor. John M. was my instructor and I cannot imagine how good you should be to teach better then him! I came to AFIT with only 3 hours of instrument flight time, and in 10 days I got another 50. Right now I can be certain that if I would get into the clouds, I will be able to find my way out safely and with confidence.

I am really happy Marc Lee at Plane & Pilot Magazine told me about AFIT, and I really appreciate Tony, the owner, for such a great school and John for such incredible training!  

Looking forward to fly with AFIT again!

Viacheslav Semenov
Costa Mesa, California

Steve Auer
Wheeling, Illinois

8 Day IFR Finish-Up Training / Cessna TR182 with Garmin 530


I Passed my check ride and now it’s time to fly somewhere with bad weather for a change.

I wanted to say thanks for scheduling Todd.  It was a pleasure working with him.  I know there are proponents and critics regarding accelerated training, but honestly, this was a perfect fit for my situation and I’m a more proficient pilot for it.  Without this course, I’m quite certain I would have gone another year or more without obtaining the rating.

While I had a good bit of cross country time, I needed the hood time.  The problem was, I found it really difficult to schedule large chunks of senior CFI time with anyone locally.  I think that’s the nature of the business.  An advanced CFI needing to make a living at flight instruction really needs a book of clients.  Finding someone who can dedicate a week of time at the exclusion of all else is just not likely.

You guys really came through.  In booking the time, I felt better about having some flexibility in our start times, and Todd wasn’t distracted with other commitments.  That made a huge difference.

I also now firmly believe in your philosophy of doing everything in the air.  While a simulator does have a place, getting time in the air – even some actual, was far more valuable at this stage.  I think your program is a perfect fit for someone who has good cross country time and simply needs to build hood time and procedural skills.  The experience certainly honed my skills. 

Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference. 


Steve Auer  | Principal
Wheeling, Illinois

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