What our customers say
Ian McManamay
Seattle Washington

14-Day Private Pilot Training

I had a great experience with AFIT’s Accelerated PPL program. The two-week course catered well to my busy schedule and my instructor Todd did an amazing job. Although as expected it is a busy two weeks. I would definitely recommend it for anyone pursuing their private Pilot License.


Brad Wolthuis
Rexburg, Idaho

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training

Todd was an amazing instructor! Really helped me feel confident in my abilities. This program definitely takes up all of your time and pushes you hard but being completely immersed in flying and study helped me to retain more information and skill. I took my first solo on day 5 and from there just kept building up my own confidence. Now I’m on to my other certifications

Thanks for everything.

Rob Woelfel
Minden, Nevada

14-Day Private Pilot Training Program


It is a great pleasure to recommend Sam as a CFI and AFIT as a training provider..  I had the pleasure of taking intensive flight training from Sam. As a busy professional, I have tried in the past to maintain a steady regimen of training in order to get my pilots license and failed. I decided that I was going to try an accelerated program, and Sam was my instructor. I blocked off two entire weeks plus sufficient time in advance to take and pass the written test, in a few days, Sam had me soloing and a few days after that I was growing more and more comfortable flying a Cessna 172. At the end of the two weeks I was able to obtain my single engine land, private pilot’s license!

After obtaining my private pilot’s license, I came home and immediately joined the local flying club. Since joining the flying club, I have successfully checked out in the Cessna 150, 172 and the Piper Cherokees. I’m working on obtaining a Taildragger endorsement currently. 

To anyone seeking to obtain their private pilot’s license I would highly recommend Sam and I would highly recommend the AFIT intensive training program.

Jason Curtis
Little Rock, Arkansas

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

I am so glad I chose AFIT and instructor Todd to get my Private Pilot course. I learned everything I needed to be a competent pilot, get my certificate and start my life-long dream of being a pilot. It was a busy 14 days of instruction but by the end I had developed all the needed skills to be a proficient pilot. Todd and his many years of flying and instruction were invaluable. Something I would not have probably received had I gone with a local instructor. He knew the right way to share his knowledge and ensure I improved every day. 

I will always be grateful for AFIT and Todd for getting me started and I truly believe this was the best way for me to start flying! I recommend them to anyone who wants to get in the air as efficiently as possible.

Jason Curtis

Little Rock, Arkansas

Rosie Pongracz and Anthony Stevens

Our 10 Day IFR Training Course


Hi Tony,

We wanted to follow up and commend your team on our exceptional experience with AFIT.   Mike is a great instructor all around. He took our flying to the next level with focus, guidance, and expertise. My husband and I chose to do our 10 day intensive together which meant long days of flying and lots of patience from Mike. He helped us improve our skills and knowledge in so many ways in a short time.

Most importantly, Mike has such broad and deep experience of planes, avionics, aviation, and real-life piloting. He brought a thorough understanding of our Cirrus SR20 G3 plus Avidyne avionics. It made a huge difference for us to learn not only IFR flying but also our plane.

Thank you,


Rosie Pongracz and Anthony Stevens

Healdsburg, California

Manuel Costano

10-Day Instrument Training Course

I recently had the opportunity of undertaking the Instrument Rating course with AFIT, and I must say that the experience exceeded my expectations. Under the guidance of my CFII, Ben, I trained at Lincoln Airfield in California. The 10-day intensive program was an eye-opening journey that not only enhanced my flying skills but also let me to achieve my instrument rating in record time.

Traditional training for an instrument rating can be a lengthy process, but AFIT’s immersive approach allowed me to attain the qualification in a fraction of the time. This was made possible by the rigorous daily schedule, which typically involved around 4 hours of flying combined with personal theory study in the afternoons.

Ben, my CFII, played an important role in shaping my experience. His expertise, patience, and commitment to my learning journey were truly commendable. His guidance during flight sessions was invaluable; he not only emphasized precision and technique but also ensured that I developed a deep understanding of instrument procedures and regulations. Ben’s ability to adapt his teaching style to suit my learning pace was key in boosting my confidence as I progressed through the course.

The intense schedule demanded discipline and dedication, but the results were very worth it. It was really rewarding to get the Instrument rating after all the effort. Thanks for everything.

Best regards,

Manuel Costano

Adam Fenton
Costa Mesa, California

10-Day IFR Training

Hi Tony,

Thank you very much for running such an excellent program! My instructor Jorge was fantastic, and I’m so happy to have earned my Instrument Rating. The planes and instructors at AFIT are top notch. I had a difficult time believing that I would be able to learn and earn an instrument rating in such a short period of time, but AFIT made it more than possible! Jorge was fully committed to making sure that I was beyond prepared for my checkride as well as an all around understanding and proficiency in IFR, and I am extremely grateful for it. 

Thanks again for everything!

Sudarshan Balasubramanian
Kirkland, Washington

14-Day Private Pilot Training Courser

AFIT paired me up with one of their top instructors (Samuel), and he was my dedicated instructor throughout the program.

I trained at Lincoln Regional Airport. The pattern at Lincoln isn’t usually too busy, and if it does get crowded, there are several airports nearby to continue training. Very little wait time for taxi and takeoff. Interactions with other aircraft in the area were generally positive, with most pilots in the area following proper entry procedures (entering on 45 vs straight in on final), making frequent radio calls, respecting the correct runway in use, and offering to make 360 turns until visual is established with other traffic before entering the pattern. For cross country flying the airspace I trained in was very easy to navigate. ATC / approach controllers are extremely friendly and helpful. Flight Following / Traffic Advisory is almost always available.

I had the opportunity to train with one of AFIT’s best instructors. He has an excellent personality, and I became a much better pilot after training with him. He is extremely good at pushing you outside of your comfort zone, and into the growth zone, while not allowing you to do anything dangerous. I had completed solo flights before coming to AFIT, but I had never done a cross country solo. I completed a pattern solo on day 3, a practice area solo on day 4, and a cross country solo on day 8, after not flying in over a year.

He went above and beyond and catered for my training to exactly what I needed to do to improve. Once I had perfected the maneuvers I needed to complete, if we had any “extra time” in the air where we just needed to build hours to meet the minimums for the check ride, Samuel took the opportunity to introduce a few additional concepts, so I wasn’t just bored. For example, on the long night cross country, Sam taught me a few basics of how to perform an instrument approach. It was above and beyond what he needed to do, and I now have some training in my back pocket for my instrument rating.

I am looking forward to coming back to AFIT to complete my instrument and commercial ratings and I will specifically request to work with Sam again.

Mike Matheson
Somerville, Massachusetts

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training

My training experience at AFIT was absolutely phenomenal. My instructor, Carson was outstanding and made sure that I had a great understanding of each foundational concept regarding the basics to aviation. The ability to get 1 on 1 training is invaluable. I highly recommend anyone considering this program to go for it as they will work with you to ensure you reach your goal of becoming a licensed pilot!

William Baez
Queen Creek, Arizona

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

I recently had the privilege of attending AFIT Flight School to obtain my PPL, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. The entire program, from start to finish, exceeded my expectations.

The school provided a well-structured and efficient training program that allowed me to achieve my pilot’s license in just 14 days. The curriculum was thorough and covered all the necessary aspects of flying, ensuring that I felt confident and well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

My instructor, Carson, was simply outstanding. His depth of knowledge, professionalism, and unwavering dedication to my success were truly remarkable. Carson was always punctual, patient, and went above and beyond to answer my questions and address any concerns I had. His ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner made the learning process enjoyable and effective. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.

I am immensely grateful for the incredible support and guidance I received at AFIT Flight School, and I credit my successful journey to my pilot’s license to the school’s outstanding program and the exceptional instruction provided by Carson. I highly recommend AFIT Flight School and Carson to anyone aspiring to become a pilot.

Thank you for making my dream of flying a reality.

Andy Pandion

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course


I knew from the first day of flying with Ben that I would enjoy our 14 days together. Ben is very knowledgeable and did a great job at making me feel confident in my abilities. It took a couple of days for me to get comfortable with the aircraft but after that it was smooth sailing. Ben made it so I wasn’t worried about leaving the US without a PPL. I thank Ben for being my instructor during my time there.

The whole process has been amazing, airplane was exactly what I had expected and Ben is an awesome instructor.

Thank you for everything

Jason Kobaly
Joshua Tree, California

6-Day Commercial Training

We did it!  That’s right, I’m now a commercially rated pilot.  My relationship with Ruben and AFIT began over two years ago when he helped me earn my instrument rating in 2021.  After a year of trying to complete my commercial rating locally, I became bogged down and frustrated with my inability to cross the finish line.  I had been in a similar predicament two years ago when working on my instrument rating.  I have a unique life schedule with my work, family, and volunteer activities. When I found time to work on my commercial rating, my local CFI was unavailable, the weather was not conducive for flying, or my aircraft was down for maintenance. I had kept in touch with Ruben and AFIT over the past few years and was praying they would be able to help.  

In August I was able to schedule time to complete my commercial pilot training. My story begins back in March 2023.  I called Ruben and asked if he would be available. Without hesitation he stated, “absolutely!” I was relieved, to say the least!  Now all I had to do was locate a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE). As most people in the business can attest, this might be the hardest challenge to overcome. I called every DPE I could find, and I mean everyone. No one was available and August was five months away! I called Ruben in a panic. “Ruben, how am I going to get this done,” I asked.  I can’t find a DPE. Ruben is at his best when the stress levels are high, and the pressure is even higher.  Ruben put my fears to rest and told me he would make some calls. Within a few minutes, he texted me several leads on possible DPEs. We eventually were able to schedule a check ride with the same DPE who I tested for my instrument rating with.  Sounds like the end of the story right?  Not quite.   

Fast-forward to August, I flew to KLHM (Lincoln Regional), in Northern California from southern California.  During the flight there I was excited to be working with Ruben again. I was confident that with his training and mentorship I could meet and exceed the standards of the ACS to become a commercial pilot. When we arrived at KLHM, Ruben was finishing up with another student. He came over and greeted my dad and I.  I was overjoyed to be back in Lincoln again with my friend and brother Ruben. Anyone who has been part of this amazing aviation community, for more than a few minutes, can testify that the people you meet and build relationships with are what make aviation what it is. Because of the camaraderie in the aviation community, I’ve built a lifelong relationship with Ruben.  Enough sentimentality-let’s get to work!  That is just what Ruben, and I did. We discussed the aircraft I was going to fly during the training, and my training to this point.  He asked detailed questions to ascertain whether my aircraft and I were ready for the next 6 days.  By this time, I was tired and hot. Ruben asked, “Do you want to go fly” I paused, then began to answer, “Yes.” Ruben looked at me and I knew I had answered incorrectly. I had been up before sunrise already, flown over 5 hours and the weather was still over 30 degrees Celsius. Ruben saw I was in no condition to start flying any rigorous maneuvers. He suggested I take it easy the rest of the afternoon, get a good night’s sleep, and we would begin in the morning. Ruben understood my commitment to this training, but he was not going to let that get in the way of what I really needed – a break.   

Over the next 6 days, Ruben put me through a fast paced and focused flying routine. One of the days included completing over 30 power off 180 landings to commercial standards along with many hours of flying. Many other instructors would have continued on to a new skill after 5, maybe 10 landings. Not Ruben, he was going to make sure I had mastered the maneuver. On each landing he would give me feedback on how to improve until I could critique my own landings and make proper adjustments to my technique.  This continued until both Ruben and I were satisfied that I was consistently flying to commercial standards.  Due to Ruben’s daily regimen of flying and debriefing and flying and debriefing, plus studying in the evenings, I was able to successfully earn my commercial pilot. If you need an experienced, professional, dedicated, conscientious hard charging, do anything for you, flight instructor Ruben is the man you want for your next flight training needs. 

Joel Chan

14-Day Private Pilot training

Dear Tony,

I would like to express my great appreciation to the AFIT team for helping me obtain my Private Pilot License. Due to unexpected weather, I had the privilege to train under both Ruben and Jorge.

Ruben has logged many hours as an aviator and as an instructor. He was extremely enthusiastic and, drawing from his vast experience, I learned many little tricks that helped me hone my practical flying skills. He pushed me out of my comfort zone, taking me from “Student Pilot” to “Pilot-in-Command” in a short span of time. Even so, I always knew he had my safety and best interests in mind. Administratively, Ruben helped square away many things (student pilot certificate, check ride appointment, etc.) months before I even arrived in the USA, allowing me to focus completely on my training once I arrived in Lincoln.

When my first check ride was cancelled due to inclement weather, the AFIT team went all out to secure another check ride within the time I was in the States. I was initially hesitant as the alternative check ride was in a very busy area near Van Nuys (one of the world’s busiest GA airports) and I would be flying a different aircraft. But the team set me up with the necessary training under Jorge and helped me polish my skills for the check ride and new location.

Jorge was another friendly instructor whom I enjoyed working with to complete my final preparations for the check ride. He set aside time for me on top of a busy schedule with another student. With his careful instruction, Van Nuys didn’t seem as scary as it initially appeared to be!

Thanks also to the team that keeps the aircraft flying. Alek in particular was very helpful making sure the planes fly well and that all the documentation was in place, easing the check ride prep tremendously. His little tweaks to the aircraft over the few days I was at Van Nuys improved the handling noticeably and I felt really comfortable flying it.

Thanks again to the team for the opportunity to take to the skies! I will return home to Singapore with great memories of the places I’ve flown to and people I’ve met. The skills and knowledge I acquired will be a firm foundation to carry on learning and to be a safe aviator.

Bryce Lester
Dayton, Nevada

10-Day Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

My experience at AFIT at the Lincoln CA location has been awesome. I came in slightly discouraged due to fighting weather, plane availability and instructor availability over in the Reno area for seven months prior trying to get my hours and requirements done for my private pilot license. Called Tony he had me set up for a finish up course had it knocked out in 9 days. The rental plane I had was priced better than my clubs plane it was immaculate shape and was mine the entire time I was at AFIT, no one else flew it and I could leave my belongings in the plane in the hangar with no worries. 

My instructor was Carson, he hung with me the entire time all day everyday till my brain turned to mush or I asked for a break from flying. He is extremely knowledgeable he cares that you pass and more importantly are proficient and safe. He even flew with me over night out of state to travel to our DPE! There is a nation-wide shortage on DPE’s and that’s in no way Tony’s or Carson doing. Carson bent over backwards finding a DPE for me and great one at that. I’d say that I made a friend out of my instructor and that I will be back to knock my instrument training with them.

Thanks guys !!! 

Mr. Bryce Lester

Dayton, Nevada

Adrian Rothwell
Rossland, British Columbia

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

After months of searching for the right program AFIT allowed me to successfully chase my dream of flying in the shortest time possible. It is a tough two weeks and certainly not for those wanting a relaxed pace, but it will get you to your goal with hard work and commitment. Appreciate Todd and AFIT for making the journey possible. 

Adrian Rothwell

Rossland, British Columbia

Bram Sciammas
Seattle, Washington

14-Day Private Piot Training Course

I just wanted to give a little testimonial review about my training.

Heading into it I was extremely nervous. I came in with under three hours of flight time so practically nothing. I wasn’t confident in my skills, I wasn’t confident I could do it, I wasn’t even comfortable with the idea of being in a small airplane.

Day 1 was extremely nerve wracking but Ben was incredible. He was confident, he was highly skilled, and he was very comforting which made me feel a whole lot better about myself. By day 3 I was hooked. I couldn’t get enough airtime!

Fast forward one week in and I am soloing with extreme confidence. By day 13 I was shocked at how much I could do, how much info I had retained, and how much I loved flying. 

I would not recommend doing any other program. The curriculum was fantastic, Ben was by far the best instructor I could have asked for. 10/10 experience, could not imagine doing it any other way!

Thanks to you and Ben for offering this and getting me prepped and ready to become a private pilot in such an efficient and productive manner!

Bram Sciammas

Adam Spicer
South Lake Tahoe, California

My Private Pilot Training Course

I was very happy with the instruction and I feel that it was money well spent.  I very much recommend the AFIT 14 day private pilot program.  

Adam Spicer
South Lake Tahoe, California

FTO Deputy John Moss
Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department

IFR and Commercial Training

Hi Tony,

I just wanted to say Mike was an amazing instructor. He is an expert in his field and was very patient with me as his student. He was given my time-frame that I had to work with to get my commercial and instrument tickets. He moved his schedule around and found the perfect plane for me to work in as I am a commercial helicopter pilot.

Mike is an amazing asset to your crew and it was a pleasure to work with him.  

Zhang Yitao

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

As someone who has recently soared through the challenging yet exhilarating journey of becoming a licensed pilot, I find myself compelled to share my experience with AFIT (Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training) and, more specifically, the unparalleled guidance I received from my instructor, Jorge.

Embarking on the path to obtain my Private Pilot License (PPL) with a demanding professional life was a decision fraught with apprehension. However, AFIT’s program, designed for individuals like me, who are on a tight schedule but possess a burning desire to conquer the skies, was a perfect fit. It was here, under the wing of Jorge, where my dream transformed into a tangible reality.

From the outset, Jorge’s approach to instruction was nothing short of exceptional. His teaching method was a blend of rigorous professionalism and patient guidance, making complex concepts accessible and manageable. Jorge’s deep understanding of aviation was evident in every lesson, where he balanced theoretical knowledge with practical skills seamlessly. His attention to detail ensured that no aspect of flight training was left uncovered, from pre-flight checks to advanced navigation.

What set Jorge apart was his ability to tailor his teaching to my individual learning pace and style. He recognized when to push harder and when to step back, allowing me to discover and learn from my mistakes. This personalized approach not only accelerated my learning but also built my confidence as an aspiring pilot.

Jorge’s dedication extended beyond the cockpit. He was always available to answer questions, clarify doubts, or provide moral support. His commitment to my success was unwavering, and his enthusiasm for flying was contagious, making each session both educational and enjoyable.

The curriculum at AFIT is meticulously designed to maximize learning in a condensed timeframe. This efficiency was crucial for me, balancing a full-time job with the rigorous demands of flight training. The flexibility of the program allowed me to integrate training into my busy schedule without compromising on the quality of instruction.

Thanks to Jorge and AFIT, I passed my PPL with flying colors. The sense of accomplishment is overwhelming, and the skills I’ve acquired are invaluable. The journey was demanding, but the reward of piloting an aircraft independently, with the world below and endless skies ahead, is indescribable.

For busy professionals like myself, who dream of taking to the skies but are constrained by time, AFIT is an ideal choice. Jorge, in particular, is a remarkable instructor whose expertise, patience, and passion for aviation will not only prepare you for the PPL but will also instill a deep respect and love for flying.

In conclusion, my experience at AFIT, guided by my instructor has been nothing short of life-changing. I wholeheartedly recommend AFIT to anyone seeking high-quality, efficient pilot training. The journey might be challenging, but with AFIT and instructors like Jorge, it is undoubtedly achievable and immensely rewarding.

Zhang Yitao   (Jason)


Victor Lau

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

I am very pleased with how they conduct their 14 Day Private Pilot Course. The whole process went smoothly as expected. Tony is always reachable and he provides quick replies to your concerns. Please do not hesitate to reach out to him for any inquiries. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

To my flight instructor, Jacob, I am blessed with the way he teaches concepts and I couldn’t have done it without him. He is very patient and encouraging. Whenever I make mistakes, Jacob will question my thought process first before explaining the reason to me. Under his guidance, I feel comfortable and motivated to learn. Thanks for all the valuable experience and knowledge that you have passed on to me. You made me a better and safer pilot!

I sincerely thank you for everything. I will be back for IFR Training once I’ve saved up enough. I will let you know in the near future!


David Glenn
Kahuku, Hawaii

Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

AFIT Provided just what I was looking for to finish my Private Pilot License. I was paired with Ricky, a dedicated and capable instructor and always had access to a working airplane.

There’s a lot of benefit to an accelerated program over the usual several month’s stop and start training you often find at your local flight school.

Thanks for everything AFIT.

Hank Lockhart
Hinkle, Kentucky

10-Day IFR Training Course


My experience with Ricky couldn’t have got any better, he is super patient, understanding, and communicates his knowledge well. He is always on your side and will lead you in the right direction!

Thanks for everything.

Larry Thomas
North Pole Alaska

14-Day IFR and Commercial Pilot Finish-Up courses

Getting my ratings was a long and difficult challenge before I discovered AFIT.  My Instructor Rick is a great person and instructor.  He was a perfect fit for my training needs.  The entire experience was amazing and all the people I interacted with along the way were very professional and friendly.  I would highly recommend this course for anyone with aspirations of completing any of the many levels of flight training. 

Thank you

Michael Laney
Scottsdale, Arizona

10-Day Private Pilot Finish-Up Course


Everything was as promised and I came away a pilot, what more can I say! Thank you. I learned a lot in this experience and will never forget it. There are moments in life where memories get burned in and this was one of them. I am truly grateful you provide a service of this caliber I had never flown a Cessna and had less than 20 hours in a Piper. On my first day I was able to fly a Cessna night mission and do 10 night, night landings in So Cal airspace. My instructor Jorge, (great guy and always professional) was able to walk me through everything and provide top notch instructions.

I am still in awe as I sit here realizing that I am a pilot having fulfilled a lifelong dream.

Thank You!

Yang Cheng
Hubei, China

Review of Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training PPL Course

I had initially enrolled in another flight school where, after 40 hours of training, I still hadn’t been given the opportunity to solo. Feeling disheartened, I decided to switch to my current flight school. To my surprise, the instructors here are dedicated professionals with nearly 1,000’s of hours of experience.

In contrast to my previous experience, where instructors merely shouted instructions like “align with the runway centerline,” the instructors at this school provide precise guidance, emphasizing details such as the runway centerline and the relative position of the engine before takeoff. This clarity made a significant difference in my understanding.

Moreover, the instructors here are not overly cautious for the sake of their reputation; instead, they focus on getting students within their set goals to participate in check rides as efficiently as possible. I joined this school, and after just 4 hours of flight training with them, I was cleared for solo flight. Following that, I had only flown one cross-country with an instructor before being approved for solo cross-country flights.

What impressed me the most with AFIT was their clear communication about the upcoming training schedule. They laid out a plan, informing me about what to expect tomorrow, the day after, and what exercises and training would be necessary each day for the next 5 days leading up to the check ride. This level of organization and communication is truly fantastic!

Now I’m already a private pilot! Thanks for AFIT

Drew Bonne
Richmond, Kentucky

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

I owe a lot of thanks and credit to the AFIT program and to Chad and Alex out of the Van Nuys location. Even with bad weather days and a TFR for two days. Chad and Alex made sure I would get finished on time and even when I would get burned out or question if I had what it took they were there without hesitation to tell me I was doing exactly what I should be and they are the reason I am now a Private Pilot. Between both of their laid back fun personalities and the vast knowledge they have, has made me 10x the pilot I was before taking this step in my journey. To Chad and Alex thank you both for everything.

Tony, this is an awesome program you have, and I look forward to being a returning customer!

Galen Birky
Wanatah, Indiana

10-Day Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

Thank you Chad, Alex and Tony for all your help in achieving a long time goal of mine. After working on getting my private pilot license for some time now they were able to help me get it done. Chad was great to work with. They will go the extra mile to get you ready for your final check ride. It also helps to bring homemade chocolate chip cookies. Lol.

Thank you guys for all of your hard work and dedication.

Max Elder
Park Ridge Illinois

I wanted to testify to the incredibly high level of competency of your instructors and AFIT.

Prior to my time with AFIT, I attempted to learn with a local flight school and did not have a great experience. However, my time with AFIT was the complete opposite. From my first lesson working with Samuel, I enjoyed every second of his instruction and passion. He always had a phenomenal answer to every question. Even after hours he was always available for questions. Samuel is a great example of a pilot who could be working anywhere but his love for teaching aviation is what makes him so valuable at AFIT. Additionally, to be able to solo within a matter of days is a testament in itself to the trust and confidence your CFIs build within each student. Samuel is an easy 10/10 fantastic CFI. 

Almost 250 flight hours later, I can say AFIT was the best use of two weeks within aviation that I’ve ever committed to.

Thanks for everything, Tony!

Chi Zhang
Setauket, New York

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

I’d like to thank you for providing the opportunity to speed up my training and help me earn my PPL certificate. The journey along is also amazing. I vividly remember coasting along the shoreline from Van Nuys to Camarillo, stunned by the natural beauty of flying along the California coast. It’s also fun to have a plane dedicated to me, and I learned to fuel and care for it along the way.  

Special thanks to my instructor Chad. He’s a patient and skilled instructor and a very encouraging friend.  My flying skills are polished, and my knowledge is expanded, and learned a lot of valuable experiences. 

When I faced challenges, Chad was very supportive and helped me make the right decisions.  I’d also like to thank Alex. He is always quick to fix any squawks, and his anecdotes and suggestions are very valuable. I’m sure the training will help me continue to be a better pilot.

Thank you again for a fantastic experience.

Noelle Kelly
Erin, Ontario, Canada

14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

I am so pleased that I chose AFIT as my training team! 

As a busy mom of 3, who also works full time in the aviation industry, have been dreaming of getting a PPL for over 20 years. AFIT custom designed a plan that worked with my busy schedule, and accelerated my training and testing in the timeframe I proposed. 

I am very grateful to Tony and his team as they are not only professional and knowledgeable, but also accommodating and kindhearted. I was fully supported throughout and ultimately primed and ready for my check-ride. 

Highly recommend the team in Van Nuys California – Alex, Chad and Ciprian! Thank you for the unwavering support.

Truly a beautiful landscape to learn.  Super intense,  study hard and get it done! 

Ethan Chew

My 14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

I really enjoyed the training across the two weeks! Rick was very patient and helpful throughout the course and guided me through. Thanks so much, and I’ll definitely consider coming back for my instrument rating :)

Thanks for everything.

Sean Puryear
Graham, Texas

10-Day Instrument Training Course

I’ve been wanting to schedule IFR training for many years but the challenges of having young children and a demanding work travel schedule have kept that idea out of reach for many years. Finally I found Tony at AFIT, and he sent Mike to my home airport in Texas to get started. I couldn’t ask for more flexible but thorough instrument training. Mike was exceptional in his instruction and very flexible in his travel and accommodations. Just a few days later, we finished up in Lincoln California with a DPE that knew this group well and had a 100% pass rate with Mikes students!

Absolutely great experience and would highly recommend to the busy pilot that has a short window for training. Would do it again exactly the same with these guys!

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